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Join me for inspiring and empowering workshops and allow yourself to unleash our beauty. Be more in your body and less in your head, relax your face and mind, focus more on feeling and less on thinking. Let go of worrying, anger, fear and all the negative emotions trapped in your face that cause tension, pain and that contracted look in your face. Release stress that makes your face look older and tired. Experience deep relaxation, increase your self-confidence and self-esteem.

I invite women to love their face and have a positive feeling towards ageing. I invite women who want to learn to take care of themselves to preserve their beauty, feel good about themselves and feel empowered in the embodiment of the wise woman we are becoming. We heal when we feel good and give love to ourselves. Let’s put the beliefs and images of the feminine imposed upon us (in this age and society) behind us! Let’s develop simple me time rituals and lovingly take care of our glorious body!

Stopping and taking time for yourself is an act of loving care that allows you to melt away your tensions and stress, calm and reset your mind and focus on the present moment. Simply feel good! My wish and aim is to support you in your journey to bring out your beauty, no matter what your age. I look forward to connecting with you! Enjoy your journey, Veronica

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