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Breathe, stretch and flow
PRANA FLOW Yoga This 75 minutes practice is a slow mindful alignment based flow to inspiring, uplifting and/ or relaxing music with plenty of time to stretch and breathe. We will be exploring and practicing various basic yoga postures and breathing techniques (Pranayam) which will help you to release stress, anxiety and negative emotions. You will also learn how to open and relax the body in a natural gentle way, while increasing your lung capacity. This practice is designed to make you feel good. The Intention behind my teachings is that you will leave class, feeling more relaxed yet energized, a beautiful, natural yoga-high. Class by donation. Registration in advance through Meetup is not necessary but appreciated ... as is your feedback. Namaste. Please arrive 10 minutes early for registration and set up.

Kula Yoga Shala

400 Toney Penna Drive Suite F · Jupiter, FL

What we're about

After 6 years of intense study and practice I discovered The Fountain of Youth! For most of us it's always available and it's free. The Fountain of Youth, The Elixir of Life, you drink in with your lungs... is Prana.

And while I understand that these words may sound too good to be true, I now have scientific proof.

On February 22, 2017 I had a body analysis done, just for the kicks of it... I had done something similar when I was in my thirties and I remember my metabolic age was pretty close to my actual age, with a BMI to the low side. What a sweet surprise when I read the results this time.... I couldn't stop smiling of course.

Thanks to 5 years of regular yoga and breathing techniques, my metabolic age had declined to 31!!!

25years LESS than my actual age, which is 56 now. According to the results of the measurements I am in prime health. I rejuvenated on the inside, which means inside I'm feeling like I'm 31, YAY!

Here is another proof that the breath IS the fountain of youth! All it takes is awareness, discipline and a little bit of patience, to feel the rejuvenation happening inside of you.

Prana or Chi means Life-Force and you bring this life force into your body with your breath. When you breathe unconsciously, you use a proximally 20% of your lung capacity, this means only 20% of life force and oxygen. Since Prana represents life, (how could it not) it's easy to see you are missing out on 80% of life, the good stuff, in other words: by breathing for 20% you are only feeling alive for 20%. Imagine how it would feel for you if you learn how to use your lungs for 100% in a fun and safe way. You will feel the body come alive like never before and at the same time enjoy deep relaxation.

We learn how to control and utilize the breath/prana for natural healing and wellbeing of the senses. In yogic terms this is called PRANAYAMA.

Marianne Baum (Jyoti Devi) is a double Certified Kali Natha and Transcend Yoga instructor who specializes in working with the breath (Pranayama) combined with basic poses, movements and meditation.

She discovered that regular practice of certain breathing techniques have a calming and rejuvenating effect on body mind and spirit. She is ready to share the gift of the breath with the world.

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