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This Meetup Group is for those who are fans of Fela Kuti! This group will post events in the Boston area that honor the original Afro-beat music, fashion & art of The Shrine.

Fela Anikulapo-Kuti (1938-1997) was the originator of the Afro-beat genre, as well as a human rights activist. He became famous as a spokesman for the great mass of people in Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa and the African diaspora, who were disenchanted with the post independence Africa. Fela's music has been described as:

- "..the rumble of thunder and the crack of lightening - layer upon layer of sublimely interwoven rhythm and melody, tangled in a delicious knot of divine inspiration..."

- "...deliberate conspiracies of hot brass woven around the intricately hypnotic consistency of bass and guitar lines, all driven by the dual forces of lavish percussion and Fela's own passion for the precision of his musical vision..."

- "...a criticism of those in power...bravely condemning military and civilian Nigerian regimes for their mismanagement, incompetence, theft, corruption and marginalization of the underprivileged..."

---Rikki Stein, CEO Knitting Factory Records; Fela's Manager 1983-

Past events (5)

The Kalakuta Speakeasy

Bully Boy Distillers

FELA GALA 2019 @Blue, Quincy Marina Bay

Blue, Marina Bay

FELA KUTI TRIBUTE Brewery Affair 2019

Dorchester Brewing Company

Fela Kuti Birthday Celebration 2018 @ Dorchester Brewing Co.

Dorchester Brewing Company

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