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Ever wanted an excuse to growl "Ar!" like a pirate? Ever wanted to try your hand at organizing a medieval walled city? Ever had a hankerin' to trade, plant and harvest, yes, that's right, beans? Well, now you have your chance! A group of FXers play games where you can do just that—and have a fun, social time doing it!

Games Night is held each Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. The host for each Wednesday is listed on Meetup list and varies according to a perpetual schedule. On the rare occasion that we need to switch hosts or cancel a games night, we'll announce it on Meetup . Contact the Games Night Coordinator ( for more information.

About every two months, we also host a Games Day. We aim for the second Sunday of every other month, but circumstances may dictate a different Sunday. Please or watch for it on Meetup.


We play these games for fun, a little mental exercise and socializing. We are only the tiniest bit competitive, and that's just to add incentive to do well. They're just games, and we don't take them too seriously. Snacks & drinks are provided for Games Nights. If there's anything specific you want/need, you may want to bring it yourself. For Games Nights, you can eat dinner before showing or bring one with you. We tend to order in a dinner on Games Days. You don't need to tell the host you're coming, but we appreciate it when you do. :-) It's OK to be a little late, but if you're too late, you won't be able to join a game. You can always watch, though.


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