Games Night

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Every 3rd Wednesday of the month

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A get-together for a little fun brain exercise. The games have us doing things like exploring an island, building a medieval city, racing penguins or putting on a fireworks display. They're explained in 5-15 minutes, play for 1-2 hours, and are fun to explore.

We have lots of experience explaining games, so are pretty good at it. We play to have fun, so we each try to do well in the game, but aren't any more competitive than that.

Snacks & drinks are provided. If there's anything specific you want or need, you may want to bring it yourself. You can eat dinner before showing or bring one with you.

You don't need to tell the host you're coming, but we appreciate it when you do. :-) It's OK to be a little late, but if you're too late, you may not be able to join a game. You can always watch, though.

Contact the Games Night Coordinator ([masked]) for more information about Games Nights in general, the host for specifics about this night.