What we're about

It can be difficult to make new friends as an expat and even more difficult to keep them. It's not personal. They're moving to a new country, promise!

This is a WOMEN ONLY (sorry guys) social group to connect like-minded EXPAT gals in Jakarta.

We are NOT a group for:

- business networking. You can try, but we'll cotton on.

- men. We'll definitely cotton on.

- mummy and baby meetings. You can have kids, just don't ask to bring them. Please?! :)

- dating

- English conversation practice

... for anyone wondering why not...

This is because there are already plenty of groups for all of the above. If you need recommendations, feel free to message me. Always happy to help anyone. Or there's always google.

OK, enough about the nos... who we ARE a group for:

• Young (well, that's still how you think of yourself) women. This group is best suited to lovely ladies who are 29 to 36...26 to 39....ish years old. Age is just a number. Wait, is that what old people tell themselves?

• Expatriate females. This means you were born and lived in another country for majority of your life. This is because we're trying to connect people who are strangers to this land, to create a group in which to share experiences of life away from home. There are plenty of ways/places/opportunities/other meetup groups to meet local friends and we definitely think you should make some if you can because the Indonesians we know are very friendly, kind, and helpful. If you're lucky they can also teach you a lot about this wonderful, expansive country :)

• Women who speak English well enough to understand the (bad) jokes *cough one of many right there cough*, sarcasm, innuendo, puns, and rapid-paced chitchat, heart-to-hearts, and perhaps an occasional bit of rhetoric if someone/anyone decides to get on their soapbox after too much wine. If you had to Google any of those things, sadly things aren't off to a good start.

• Friendly, laid-back, fun, modern women with an interest in making some good girlfriends.

• Women interested in going for coffee, casual mid-week dinners, to catch a movie, drinking wine, Sunday brunching... maybe even Saturday, wild aren't we, games nights, and random activities when we're feeling particularly inspired/adventurous.

If you think you match the group description please request to join our group.




We look forward to meeting you soon! :)

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