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This group has a new organizer as of Summer 2019 and our goal is to create a space for women to get resources and tools to create our version of financial independence. I'd love to hear from you on how we can best shape the community to meet your financial independence goals.

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Michelle Y. Talbert, Esq.

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Her Power Space - Coworking & Business Events

NO SMALL BUSINESS LEFT BEHIND SUMMIT: UNVENDOR EDITION A Virtual Business Conference with a reach of over 1 million viewers across all social media platforms and includes a virtual marketplace. It is a unique combination of a real-time business summit/conference and live virtual interaction with your target audience. Just like at a live conference, you are supplied with a Virtual Vendor Booth that you can utilize in a number of ways. Your Virtual Vendor Booth can be used to reach your ideal visitors in a number of ways, including: -- Customize: Logo, advertising and promotion can be used just like you would at a live vendor event. Just provide us the materials beforehand. **We even offer a free webinar on how to make your vendor space Pop**. -- Promotions: You can choose to include a special offer in your booth, such as a percentage off of a product, a coupon code, a giveaway, or whatever you'd like. And YOU receive all email opt-ins directly to your inbox. -- Video: The video in your booth can be pre-recorded as a YouTube video, Vimeo video, or Wistia video. -- Live Commercial: For a small additional upcharge you can Reach dozens of platforms and thousands of people LIVE via a 3- to 5- minute 'commercial' where you or your team can be on live camera with guests. Think HSN/QVC for YOUR BUSINESS!!!! -- Moderated or Open or Invite Only. If you choose a live session in your vendor booth, you can then choose whether you want it to be open or moderated or invite only. An open vendor booth lets people join on live camera with you if they choose. A moderated vendor booth (you would be the moderator), requires your approval for attendees to join you on live camera. Invite only means you would be the only one able to participate on live camera. You have the Power! -- Customize some more: Let us know what you envision and we will work with you to bring it to fruition. This will be a virtual event like no other. Be sure to fill out the vendor application and register to support our small businesses at http://nosmallbusinessleftbehindsummit.com If you're here in Broward and came to our #UnvendorDecember event then you KNOW how much value is to be found in being in a space where you can connect directly with your ideal customers! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBmIb3jqnx4

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No Small Business Left Behind [Virtual] Summit

Her Power Space - Coworking & Business Events


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