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Friendships with other women for those over the age of 50 can be difficult to find. Whether you’re new to the area, have retired, or work in an office full of Millennials you have nothing in common with - unless you’re still BFFs with your sorority sisters or high school besties, it’s easy to feel isolated and lonely.

And how do you develop new friend relationships if you don’t find them in the “normal” places like church, work, or parents of your kids’ friends. Once you’re retired or retiring, with your kids gone, options can be really limited.

The idea behind this group is to provide an opportunity for women over 50 to meet other women in a similar situation and have the chance to create new friendships as we sail into this new chapter of our lives.

My plan is to come up with activities and meet up opportunities for those who are willing to take a leap with me. I am always open to ideas and suggestions for events.

Please review the ground rules for our group. All members are responsible for honoring these guidelines as a member of our group.

Membership: You must post a profile photo of yourself. Photo must be a profile type pic so event hosts can recognize you from the pic (Could you find the host if their profile photo was of their pet or the beach?) If your profession is one in which a profile pic may pose concern for you due to facial recognition technologies, once this is verified we will accept an alternate pic as it is understood with these days a profile pic may not be ideal for you.

Members of this group will agree to follow the following ground rules GROUP GROUND RULES.
Please read the details of each event, so you are in the know:

Kindness and Respect at all times. We are here to have a good time. Gossiping about another member is NOT kind. Please keep any negativity to yourself. No one likes everyone, however respect and kindness are still beneficial to all.

As a member of this group you take full responsibility and liability for your safety to, from and during each event you attend. Your plus 1, is included in this. Your membership of this group and attending an event = you/your family will not hold the host or organizer responsible for any liability.

Be mindful with your RSVP. Not showing up and last minute cancellations, are disrespectful to your fellow Meetup members, those on the wait list, the venues, and the staff of the venues we frequent. Unoccupied reserved seats do not put a smile on the faces of management of the places we visit.

When you RSVP, You will be there within the stated RSVP time, if you know this is not possible, you should not RSVP. Come on your own time and join the group. Reserved seats unoccupied will be released, or given to the people on the waitlist. RSVP also = that you will be sitting with, socializing and participating in our events.

The above RSVP rules also apply to your plus 1. Also please do not show up with an unreserved plus one and automatically assume there will be a seat for this person (yes this has happened alot lately) If we have space of course they can join, they just can not take seats away from an RSVPd person.

CANCELLATIONS: Must be made the day before otherwise, it will be marked as a NO SHOW ~ After you've been accepted into the group, and as a reminder, no more than 3 No Shows (absences), you will be removed. Exceptions to this~ a legitimate excuse is always understood, “life happens." Please message me if you have an illness or emergency.

If you are unable to make it, please do not post this in the comment section of the meet up, please comment within the event itself.

In the unfortunate instance we have to remove someone for disregarding the rules; our groups calendar is not to be shared with them, the person can not be a plus one of an RSVP, nor are they to sit with the group and an RSVP-ed table.

These rules are very basic and truly come down to respect and kindness, if you compare our group to others, it is one of the least stringent.

If at any time you feel uncomfortable, for any reason please let the host or the organizer know

Thank you to all the members who make this group so enjoyable.

Every few months I will purge members who have not visited our group in more than 4 -6 months. Feel free to rejoin if your able to attend more frequently.

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Neptune Beach Walk and Brunch

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Dinner at JJs Bistro de Paris on Gate Parkway!!

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Neptune Beach Walk and Brunch

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Dinner at Midtown Table on Gate Parkway!!!

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