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It is vital to surround ourselves with like-minded individuals who match our drive and energy so that we can push each other to the next level. This is a community of ambitious, powerful, kind women who fiercely take charge of their own destiny. This is for women who are as bold, daring, and brave as you are kind, gentle and compassionate.

I've been in business for myself for 35 years when I started a software company in 1985 at the age of 19. I moved my company online in 1992 - before it was even called the internet. I've seen EVERY emergence of technology, and am deeply entrenched in all things online marketing. I was the first woman to win new internet marketing success of the year in 1996, I was the first woman to join the World Internet Summit Speaking circuit and speak in 39 countries with 15 men, and I will continue to break barriers for women and empower them to succeed.

There isn't much I haven't done, experienced, failed at or succeeded at - and with the pandemic creating a paradigm shift in how all business is conducted, it's good to have a community to lean into.

Join - it's free and I have a ton of resources and knowledge that will help you accelerate your results.

Tracy Repchuk

Online Income Creator

-------OUR VALUES-------

This group consists of women who are committed to all areas of self-development. It is just as important to work on our self-development as much as it is to work on our business. Therefore, our members are women who take time to grow spiritually, mentally, professionally and physically. This is for women who love to continually learn and know that they both have a lot to offer the world but also have a lot to learn.

We value honesty and kindness but we also value strength and setting boundaries. We value work ethic and self-development but also value enjoying life and being grateful with what you have. We value humility as well as financial independence. If you share these values as well, this is the place for you (:

-------OUR GOALS-------

This is for women who dare to dream big. We dream of financial freedom, whether that means $12,000 a month or $100,000 a month. We dream of becoming world leaders one day and influencing millions of lives. You are not shy with our dreams or ambitions.

With all of that being said, I welcome you at whatever stage you are in! Whether you have a lucrative 6 figure business or all you have is a website but haven't gotten your first client, this is for you. We are all here to grow together; besides... we are more interested with where you're going versus where you are right now.

-------PURPOSE OF THE MEET UP-------

We are looking for a tribe of powerful women looking for real connections, not aiming to just exchange business cards. The entrepreneurship/business owner life is a lonely, difficult road but it doesn't have to be. Let's find a group of amazing women to surround ourselves with. Moreover, every meetup we will catch up with each others lives for a few minutes and then do a few growth exercises together (ideas for meetups are always welcome)


- You are into self-development (you read, listen to podcasts, go to the gym and love to continually learn)

- You are looking to find your tribe of powerful women

- You are a female CEO, business owner, or founder - or are striving to be that

- You are down to earth, positive and kind

Check the events page and make sure you attend them all.

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