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Group Coaching is one of the most enjoyable, supportive and effective ways to be coached. When women get together with a view to sharing, honouring and validating each other - magic happens!

This Meet Up Group is about Nurturing, Supporting and Empowering the Feminine. Millions of women are feeling the call to step up and claim their power and radiance, to stand in their authenticity and embrace their beauty within.

I have created this Group in response to the ‘call’, providing regular 2hour ‘taster’ sessions to give you a gentle way of exploring group-work and some of the powerful and exciting ingredients that make up my 5week Feminine Empowerment Coaching Circles (FECC) Programs. There will also be opportunities to meet up socially with others, to explore ideas, share feelings and possibly watch some enlightening and inspiring vids together =).

My group programs themselves are designed to be a place of self-discovery and exploration; a journey that with sensitivity, humour and a deep knowledge of the feminine psyche, helps you to discover:

1) What you really want out of your life.
2) What is holding you back from getting it.
3) How to put what you discover into action, to get tangible results.

If you are interested in finding out more about my Programs, Workshops or Taster Sessions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or to check my website for details and testimonials www.PennyPettman.com (http://www.pennypettman.com/)

I am truly passionate about my Coaching Programs and about how powerful women can be when we collaborate together for each other’s best interest. I’m delighted to create this safe, nurturing container for us and am looking forward to everything (and everyone) that will blossom from within it.

If you have never experienced what it is like to feel supported by female friends, sadly you have been missing out on something truly beautiful, joyful and vital. If on the other hand you do know how amazing it is to be with other like-minded women, all wanting to help build each other up and chisel off the layers of out-dated protection we lay around ourselves, then you too are in for a treat ;)

I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Penny x

Below are some excerpts of what my clients are saying:

'…Thank you Penny from the whole of my being and urge anyone…make contact with her’ Clare Ford, Bracknell

'...Penny Pettman is THE coach to go to when wanting to be the best version of you' -Susana Silverhoj, Denmark

'...Penny’s coaching has been some of the most useful and powerful I have ever had' - Jan King, Bracknell

'...I cannot believe how liberating it has been to just ‘get out of my head’ for a change' - Sonia, Berks

‘... I feel incredibly positive about the future… in control of my life again!' Emma – Bracknell

'...I have recommended her to all my friends' - Sue Gale – Bracknell

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