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Together, we are envisioning what alternatives to white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy would look like, and exploring how we can build them.

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Feminist Oasis Member Social — July 2019

Portsmouth, NH

Join Feminist Oasis members for a casual meetup! Registration is free with member discount code. Want to attend but not a member yet? Find a member you know to RSVP a guest ticket for you. If you are not a member but wanna be one, you can join here: https://feministoasis... (https://feministoasis.com/join/) Our regularly occurring member socials provide you an opportunity to meet and mingle with fellow feminists who are working to bring their feminist values to their businesses, work, art and communities. We believe in the power of a connected and rested feminist community, so we created this event to provide our members a chance to recharge and have fun with fellow feminists. Our vibe for member socials is: lift each other up getting to know you safe, fun, welcoming More information about member benefits here: https://feministoasis... (https://feministoasis.com/join/)

Lemonade + Feminist Theory (w/ Homecoming Dance Party)

Tickets: https://bit.ly/2FvmvbE We’re bringing back our most popular event, “Lemonade + Feminist Theory” with feminist scholars Dr. Aria Halliday and Dr. Courtney Marshall! Saturday, July 13th — Lemonade + Feminist Theory (w/ Homecoming Dance Party) Watch Beyoncé’s Lemonade film + discuss feminist theory + dance to Homecoming ** More details to come soon — Members, you have a Super-Advance Member Access Code to get your tickets now before we announce the location + other details! ** Tickets include: - pre-show refreshments - film screening - post-film feminist discussion w/ Dr. Aria Halliday and Dr. Courtney Marshall - *and* “Homecoming" After-Party Dance! - *plus* free admission to an additional Feminist Oasis 2019 summer event (Feminists Waffles Work coworking session, Feminist Book Club or Cozy + Creative event). We want the connections and discussion that happens at this event — our biggest event of the summer! — to continue with your feminist-minded neighbors throughout the summer. This is going to be an incredible evening — even if you were there for our first iteration of this event, this is going to be a whole new conversation. The Lemonade film as a piece of art and the cultural commentary it puts forth, has so much more to say given what has happened in our culture over the last 18 months. Feminist art + discussion + refreshments + dance party + future event Cash bar (yes, there will be lemonade, spiked or non). Member tix come w/ a free drink ticket!

Get Cozy + Creative - July 2019

Portsmouth, NH

Tickets: https://bit.ly/2ZG6Td0 Wear your cozies and bring whatever creative project you're working on! Whether you're bringing along a piece of writing, painting, knitting project, a journal of ideas, or looking to come simply with your imagination and curiosity, you're welcome to #GetCozyandCreative with us at Teatotaller! This has also proven to be an excellent creative networking event — so we'll divide the cafe into two zones: a) networking/chat zone and a focus/solo zone. Pick your own based on whether you wanna chat with others or just do your own thing in a cozy environment. Thanks to our series partners, Maggie Green Art and Teatotaller! Due to attendee feedback, we're expanding this event to THREE hours! Admission: $5 for members/$7 in advance/$9 at the door Optional canvas/paints available for purchase, with guidance by Maggie Green. Drinks & snacks available on site. (We'll have popcorn for free!)

Feminists, Waffles, Work — Workshop & Coworking in Portsmouth, NH — July 2019

Join us for a weekday evening session of our Feminists, Waffles, Work workshop & coworking in Portsmouth. Great for freelancers, consultants and entrepreneurs who are interested in implementing feminist values into their work. All are welcome! Feminist Oasis members, remember to use your discount code for this event! Price: $15, Dolores Huerta & Audre Lorde members use your discount codes to get 50% off Learn more + purchase tickets here: https://bit.ly/2MBiIMj

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