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Welcome to Femworking! We heart your interest and can't wait to meet you. What should you expect when you come to Femworking? Well, I’m glad you asked…

1. Femworkers “call out” a tangible want or need for their blog or business. For example, I’m a wine distributor and I’m looking to get an “in” to ACME Foods to sell my wine there. The more specific your call out is, the easier for your femworkers to act on it, so think up some ideas beforehand!

2. Femworkers “help out” each other to reach those goals—basically, you get out of Femworking what you put in. To receive you must give!

3. Femworkers “shout out” to acknowledge those in the group who took action on a call out. Simply put, we all like a warm fuzzy when we’ve done a good job.

4. The cycle repeats at each meeting!

Exciting, right? Before you jump in the pool, take a look our Femworking values just to make sure we are all on the same page.

“Help outs” are the heart of femworking; a Femworker supports projects, initiatives and products they feel a connection to;

“Help outs” are not obligations, they come from the goodness of our Femworking hearts ; and

Femworkers respect the intellectual property of others, and never share proprietary business information with anyone outside the group.