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Are you a fan of fermented food? Many people are intimidated at the idea of trying to ferment food at home but you should not be!!! I would like to help teach people basic techniques to ensure successful fermentation. I am looking to create a community of fermenting enthusiasts from first timers seeking a little guidance to long time fermenters who want to share their knowledge and favorite ferments with the group. Beginners will start with the gateway ferment: Sauerkraut and then we can move on to things like Kombucha, Kefir, Water Kefir, Kvass, Sourdough, salsas, vegetables etc etc .... This will be a place for all things fermented!

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Lets MISO!!!! (Non GMO Organic Soybeans & Garbanzo Bean)

Address provided upon registration, West Los Angeles

Kimchi Tomorrow at King's Roost!!!!

The King's Roost

Kombucha 101

Needs a location

Santa Barbara Fermentation Festival


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