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Circus sideshow revue coming to the Waiting Room on Delaware Avenue

It comes on tour to the entire United States and Canada 2013...

It comes in a modern day pirate ship, wearing the outer guise of a red prison bus, capped with Texas longhorns.


Spouting the religion of the sideshow, the dogma of the spotlight, the magic of the microphone and the audience is Bryce 'The Govna' Graves and his sword swallowing, fire breathing, balancing acts.

That large, red, prison bus carries its crew of freaks city to city to enchant and well...entertain, the audiences that gather to watch.

“In this jaded and turbulent world, the aim of Hellzapoppin is to provide entertainment to an audience that thinks they’ve seen everything!” says its creator Bryce 'Govna' Graves. “It’s our job to prove them wrong! We take great pride in watching a jaw drop or a grown man faint. We call these falling ovations.”

The old fashioned feel of the backdrops take the viewer on a roller coaster ride back to childhood sensibilities and the rock music that traditionally opens the show is a very modern day counterpoint.

“We challenge them to believe their eyes, laugh, scream and 'Oh my god' as we go about our business of showing them they haven't seen anything yet...”

The crew of the S.S. Hellzapoppin this time is made up of sideshow's best and brightest.

Chelsea NoPants from New Orleans is one of the world’s 15 female sword swallowers. Trixtah Rodriguez is a world famous acrobatic break dancer and physical phenomenon. And, of course, Hellzapoppin mascot, the loveable wonder dog Mr. Buggles from Kentucky. Among their collective achievements; appearances at Ripley's Believe it or Not, Guinness Book of World Records, America's Got Talent, America's Best Dance Crew, national television commercials with NASCAR/Tony Stewart, Reebok and T-Mobile.

The Govna likes to say the bus is steered by hopes and dreams of the people willing to put themselves through whatever it takes to get the spotlight trained on them and get that 'gasp' from an audience.

“We survive on the applause,” he said “It's our bread and water, it's our goal.”

Buggles barks as he's put through his paces, the women plan who will do which act that night and if you look up, you might see Trixtah practicing his balancing act - on one hand -on top of the bus as the rest of his body is in the air. It would look like a Photoshopped picture if you weren't seeing it in front of your eyes.

The workday on the road is faced head on, and usually involves more turmoil than any mere mortal would take on in a lifetime. But our intrepid adventurers and sideshow disciples get through it unscathed just in time to take that final bow from the 10,000th performance, whether it’s for 4 or 4000 fans.

It’s a lifestyle understood and craved by a select few less interested in security than they are in applause. They carry on a tradition of wandering minstrels dating back hundreds of years. They put everything on the line, willing to die very literally, for their art if necessary.

“The other night we were working on an act called 'The Human Dart Board',” The Govna said. “It’s where I take darts and throw them at Chelsea NoPants’ back. One dart hit a nerve and she almost buckled.” He leans forward to give emphasis to his next sentence. “This business takes total trust and this is why, if I were to hit her in the spine, it could paralyze her.”

“I hit her nerve in her shoulder and she turned around and gave me this look of fear like ‘please pull it out’ and I did,” he said. “We all have to practice our stunts a million times before it ever hits the stage.”

Some of the sights on this tour will include genuine human oddities and stunts including sword swallowing, the human block head, fire eating, bed of nails and the blade box illusion. Occasionally there will be guest stars so who knows what you might see! But truth is truth, one mistake sends our performers back to hell, so no matter what, DO NOT TRY THESE STUNTS AT HOME!!! Go to a friend’s house…

The Govna taps his music past by booking his crew on tour with bands. They've traveled and performed with the largest rock festivals in the US and Europe such as Pedal to the Metal with Mudvayne, Static X, Black Label Society, Suicide Silence. You've also seen Graves on OZZFest (2 years in a row), The Family Values Tour with KORN and The Deftones. The Govna has rocked out on The Vans Warped Tour and also toured Scandinavia and to the Faroe Islands performing on the biggest rock shows such as Metal Town, West Coast Riot, Peace and Love, G Fest, and Pier Pressure Festivals with bands like Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, 30 Seconds To Mars, Bob Dylan, Ramstein and much more.

“I managed rock bands for 12 years and I had a fairly large entertainment company in Dallas, Texas and we handled bookings, artist management, promotions, tours, and things like that,” The Govna said. “In 2004 I discovered my first freak show and fell in love with it, and with producing rock concerts and things like that, it was just kind of a natural thing for me to put the two together. I started managing the freak show, but the owner was having a hard time selling it and we couldn’t figure out why.

“It was an authentic turn of the century type of sideshow; every single detail was done like it was done 100 years ago, and it was beautiful,” he said. “But we toured on OZZFest with it and we were having a hell of a time getting people into it, and all of a sudden I just sat back and started thinking about changing the format. I ended up buying into the freak show and I said to my partner that we needed to change up the music and change up the costumes so that these kids will get it, but he was totally against the idea. After a few years of trying to figure out the creative differences and making it work, he didn’t want to change it, so I ended up leaving the show and started Hellzapoppin turning it into a rock and roll freakshow.”

HELLZAPOPPIN Circus Side Show Revue is truly a KIDDIE SHOW FOR ADULTS and billed as the Greatest Show in Hell!

A great man once said "You don’t stop going to the circus when you get old, YOU GET OLD WHEN YOU STOP GOING TO THE CIRCUS."

He was right, and this show is a hellacious fountain of youth