D&D 5th Ed. long term campaign - openings for new players

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D&D 5th Ed. long term campaign - openings for new players.


Who am I you ask (you should :) ) - I am a D&D Dungeon Master with over 40 years experience as a Dungeon Master - running games for others in all editions of D&D (even the little brown books) as well as a variety of other fantasy rpg systems.

The longest campaign I ever ran was for 15 years with a total of 32 players passing through in that time - 19 remained for the full 15 years.

Now I would like to host a long term campaign for you, and therefore I am looking for players (new to the game, old and seasoned, everybody is welcome regardless of knowledge or experience).

No game knowledge, no D&D knowledge, no rules experience needed at all. We will teach along the way. It is easy and loads of fun. I prefer players who like to get into character and actually roleplay in response to the scenes I narrate. This game is for players who do more than just roll dice and quote the results of rules to the DM - not everything requires a dice roll and good game play is rewarded.

New players can either show up with a pre-rolled 5th Ed character or you can be helped during the session to create a character. Everyone starts at 1st level.

My campaign is in D&D 5th edition.

Sorry I can only handle English for this as my french is only good in listening, my speaking is horrible. But if you want to try meeting half way then lets give it a go in parlaying.

Everyone is welcome.

Here are 2 quick guidelines :)

1). We will play once every 2 weeks on Saturdays, if all desire it, we could make it every week - But lets get it rolling before we make changes.

2). You can supplement your session with personal quests or larger party one-shots through an online session to be held some other evening when all concerned can be available. This option will be available as needed such as to complete something special (singly or as part of a group), a private quest/mission for a PC (singly), or something else. These online session cannot be said when they would be held, ahead of time since it depends on the players availability and by mutual decision in a particular party.

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