What we're about

FiA is about:

- Getting together with a group of diverse women who work to make each other stronger in all areas of their lives

- Enjoying the accomplishment felt in pushing yourself and your body to a fit and healthier place while encouraging others to do so as well

- Enjoying the camaraderie of bringing together old and new friends to form common bonds that last beyond a workout class

- Sharing your positive attitude, your optimism, your faith in humanity or religion to uplift those around you

Females in Action (FiA) is a peer-led, zero-cost non-profit workout group. FiA makes no representations with regard to the skill level of workout leaders, the safety of the exercises performed during workouts or the hazardousness of the premises upon which workouts are conducted. The women who lead FiA workouts are not paid to do so and no representations of any kind are made by FiA about their skill level.

Find us in the closed Facebook group: FiA New Orleans and request to join, for latest updates

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Fun Free Fitness for Females

Audubon Park

Get your Body, Mind, and Heart connected. Waking up early might be tough _BUT_ it all feels worth it after spending 45 minutes with a handful of other women -- of ALL ages and fitness abilities -- who are encouraging each other to move our bodies. FiA (Females in Action) is a peer-led, zero-cost nonprofit workout group. Each workout is led by a volunteer "Q" (*see disclaimer below). We are glad you stopped by and hope you consider joining us soon, if you haven't already. Know that we don't leave anyone behind! We laugh, we cry, we support each other. FiA NOLA started in September 2016. We hope to increase our number of Qs and our number/locations of workouts. Currently, our ...regular schedule includes the following: TUESDAY: "Swamp Stomp" 5:30am Audubon Park @ St. Charles THURSDAY: "Stargazers" 5:30am Audubon Park @ St. Charles SATURDAY: "Lawn & Order" 7:30am City Park Woldenberg Great Lawn Workouts are 45 minutes. You may also notice that our workouts are named (i.e. "Lawn & Order"). We recommend you bring a towel or yoga mat for core type of stuff. You can opt for gloves (gardening et al) if you don't want to get your hands dirty for pushups, etc. Some people do workouts without either of these. The Q will often post in the group a day ahead to let you know what you might need and for roll call. If you plan to go, you can respond with a HC (hard commit)...but we certainly understand things happen...you are not held to showing up...and you can always come without putting in an HC. You will get a nickname at the end of your first workout. Until then you are considered an FNG (friendly new gal). Backblasts (descriptions of the workout from the day) are posted after each session (although we admittedly haven't been as good at that as the other FiA regions!). *FiA makes no representations with regard to the skill level of workout leaders, the safety of the exercises performed during workouts, or the hazardousness of the premises upon which workouts are conducted. Check out http://www.fianation.com for more info, or just ask us!

Join Our Awesome Social Bowling Team on Tuesdays! Bowling starts in January!🍻

After a very long year we’re all eager to get back to socializing and having some fun, SAFELY! Start your new years resolutions early by joining our super fun team in this awesome social bowling league. These leagues are always a fun way to meet some awesome new people – also, it may sell out due to demand/lower capacity so don’t wait! We’ll be getting together and having an awesome time with friends while meeting some new people on the lanes together, safely! They have been working with the alley to ensure all appropriate safety guidelines will be followed to ensure everyone can have a safe (and fun) time on the lanes – everyone looks great in a mask! Day: Tuesday evenings Alley: Rock 'N' Bowl Cost: Discounted price of $66.00 (Use code NOMUW21)for SIX weeks! Includes everything! (see below for details) The league has created a team for the group on Tuesday’s called Gutter Girls - here's the link: Gutter Girls / https://bit.ly/2JnDySn (You can set up your own team with friends too if you’d like! We’ll all be hanging out either way!) _______________________________________________ LEAGUE INFORMATION : http://bit.ly/2WaUFHh Just to be clear since there was some confusion before, this is for a LEAGUE(dates below). The event date is when you should REGISTER by, we aren’t meeting up on that date! We have an absolute blast every time we bowl. Big reminder: you have to register/pay through the leagues website in order to be a part of the league, not just RSVP here :) I'm a terrible bowler - is it a competitive league? No - the league is super social so the more gutter balls you throw, the better! Whether you're a great bowler or a terrible bowler, the league is a fun way to socialize and meet new people Isn't bowling for, like, grandparents? Not in this league! If you're looking to socialize with tons of young professionals in their 20s-30s-40s, this is the league for you. Are there any hidden costs? Zero! Included in your registration of $66.00 (With discount code applied) you get: -6 weeks of coed social bowling (1-3 games each week) -Bowling shoe rentals and league organization -Trivia w/ prizes most weeks -FREE team T-Shirts if you sign up early! What are the dates? Tuesday evenings: Jan 26, Feb 2, Feb 9, Feb 23, Mar 2, Mar 9 Sounds awesome, where do I sign up?! Say no more – click here for all the info you need! All League Information : http://bit.ly/2WaUFHh Get $12 off with promo code: NOMUW21 Check out their FACEBOOK page: https://www.facebook.com/NOLASocialBowling ----------------------------------------------- The league is filling up, so sign up soon!! If you have any questions email the league League Contact Information : http://bit.ly/2nKHno7

FREE Online Weekly Team Trivia on Friday nights! (Themed trivia on Tuesdays!) 🍻

FREE weekly trivia online! Hey guys - I’ve been doing team trivia with BetterOffInside.com every week for the last month now while stuck inside and wanted to share it! Every Friday night at 8pm EST they host a FREE 4 round night of general trivia! You can sign up with a whole team OR with a couple friends or solo – they’ll make sure you’re added to a full team if you need it! Day: Friday nights at 8pm EST! (sign up by 3pm EST day of) Cost: FREE! Sign Up here: www.betteroffinside.com (making an account takes like 30 seconds!) They also do Themed trivia on Tuesday nights if you want to change it up. Themes they have covered so far include Harry Potter, Mean Girls, Game of Thrones, and Friends! Here’s some info I copy/pasted from their Facebook event---------- All you need is a laptop or phone - we'll be streaming on Facebook for everyone to watch. And no, you don't need to be in the same room as teammates, they can be in their homes via laptop/phone too, we suggest starting a Google Meet or Zoom meeting for everyone. Ideally, you can get a full team of 4-8 people, but we can also help place individuals and small groups together. If you want to join trivia this Friday, just signup below before 3pm EST on Friday and we'll send you the info around 5pm EST! Free agents/small groups also welcome! And if you want to learn about more fun game nights, themed trivia nights, book clubs, virtual happy hours, watch parties, etc, feel free to signup for Better Off Inside at www.betteroffinside.com Any questions email [masked]

Lawn and Order - City Park

Goldring/Woldenberg Great Lawn Across From Storyland

Get your Body, Mind, and Heart connected. Waking up early might be tough _BUT_ it all feels worth it after spending 45 minutes with a handful of other women -- of ALL ages and fitness abilities -- who are encouraging each other to move our bodies. I can't tell you how much better my whole day ends up being on the days I join in the FiA workouts. Bring a yoga mat, water bottle, and a friend, and meet us at the designated location. FiA stands for Females in Action and is a no-cost, informal community of women whose goal it is to make each other stronger in all areas of our lives. Before the demands of the day pull us in different directions, FiAs start their day with a peer-led workout. During this time, we experience a physical and personal growth that radiates through the rest of the day - enabling us to be better daughters, sisters, employees, spouses, friends, bosses, and mothers. FiA focuses on supporting and encouraging one another to push beyond comfort zones. FiAs of all fitness abilities can work out alongside one another and all become stronger at the same time. No woman left behind. Supporting you, challenging you, and cheering you on - those 45 minutes are a great investment in YOU so that when you're tackling all the rest of your roles, your heart, mind, and body are ready. FiA here in New Orleans got started by a gal named Anna Gray, aka "Spokes," who moved here from South Carolina, where she originally became a FiA. More info about FiA can be found at http://www.fianation.com

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