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Whoop it up with FiddleKicks!

Learn Appalachian clogging, percussive dancing to the driving rhythms of old time music. This country cousin to tap is a great way to have fun while exercising! It’s a uniquely American dance which has Celtic, African and Cherokee roots that go way back in Southern Appalachia.

Suitable for teens & adults.

Three good reasons to clog...

You become the rhythm section on the dance floor, you can't help but smile while dancing, and it's great exercise!!

About FiddleKicks (http://fiddlekicks.com/index.html)

FiddleKicks brings Appalachian clogging to life with a whoop and a holler! Performed to the driving rhythms of live old-time music, this uniquely American dance form celebrates the convergence of Celtic, African and Cherokee cultures in southern Appalachia.

Additionally, FiddleKicks performs a variety of other traditional percussive dance forms, creating a lively and entertaining multi-cultural experience.

Videos!! (http://fiddlekicks.com/photovideo.html) Including MiNDtv: A World of Dance in Philadelphia, featuring FiddleKicks

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