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What we’re about

Whoop it up with FiddleKicks!

Learn Appalachian clogging, percussive dancing to the driving rhythms of old time music. This country cousin to tap is a great way to have fun while exercising! It’s a uniquely American dance which has Celtic, African and Cherokee roots that go way back in Southern Appalachia.

Suitable for teens & adults.

Three good reasons to clog...

You become the rhythm section on the dance floor, you can't help but smile while dancing, and it's great exercise!!

About FiddleKicks

FiddleKicks brings Appalachian clogging to life with a whoop and a holler! Performed to the driving rhythms of live old-time music, this uniquely American dance form celebrates the convergence of Celtic, African and Cherokee cultures in southern Appalachia.

Additionally, FiddleKicks performs a variety of other traditional percussive dance forms, creating a lively and entertaining multi-cultural experience.

Videos!! Including MiNDtv: A World of Dance in Philadelphia, featuring FiddleKicks