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Get together with other photographers to take trips, both half and full day trips, as well as find interesting spots to take photos. Learn from others and generally enjoy photography and company of others like yourself.

This group is for all levels of photographers. I don't care what type of equipment you have. No one should. You want to use your phone or tablet? Use it! The point is you enjoy taking photos and hanging out with like minded people.

If you would like feedback, just ask! No judgement on anyone's abilities or quality of their photos. I mean, I certainly will be in my own head (mua-ha-ha-ha; I can do better than that! --or-- Dammit, Dave, you're showin' me up yet again. @#%{&$!!!), but I'm polite enough not to criticisize others and smart enough not to point out when someone takes a better photo than me.

Do you have suggestions or want me to arrange to go to a particular place? Message me or start a discussion. Otherwise, the places we go will be whatever I come up with.

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