Valuing Yourself - the Energetic Impact of Unworthiness

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So many of us hold the belief that deep down we are not good enough, inadequate, unworthy, feeling alone and insecure. Even the most successful, confident and outwardly happy people can carry an underlying sense of disappointment and failure. But what if, in truth, we weren’t put here to “fix” ourselves? What if we chose to be here to repattern duality through the process of discovering our divinity and wholeness through the very struggle itself?

With Valuing Yourself--the Energetic Impact of Unworthiness you’re invited to explore that possibility. Multi Dimensional Healing will help clear the blocks and conditioning that keep you stuck in the patterns of unworthiness to reveal the self value hidden underneath those layers. Join Bette Hanson as she offers insight and deeply shifting, truly evolutionary, energetic healing on interdimensional levels, to help transmute insecurity into awareness and alignment with Self Love.

Dimensionally unraveling the hidden patterns of unwothiness issues can tramsform daily life, your spiritual journey and the world. Every time we honor and break through limiting illusions and programming -- the old energetics shift for not only you, but all that you are connected too. What you are DOING to heal, matters!


• Identify the unconscious issues and personal stories at the core of unworthiness

• How the process of struggle, crisis, loss, and despair allows love to enter

• Experience the expansive dimensionality of shifting patterns

• Guided meditation for restoring wholeness and realigning with love

Multi Dimensional Healing is highly purifying and detoxing energy. Please bring a mat, blanket, pillow, water to drink and snacks to share. It is suggested that you allow time afterwards, to rest and process after the healing. NOTE as soon as you decide to participate, the energy will start working. Before, during or after the workshop, you may notice empathic symptoms, synchronous events or even experience discomfort as the energy bumps up against resistance. Detoxing symptoms may also occur.

Space is limited...please preregister to reserve your spot. Contact [masked] Or visit PayPal using the email [masked]


"Since attending your workshop I immediately felt lighter and more free... I see it in my reactions with daily things and my interactions with people. I just react more positively. It's not until afterwards that I'll realize, Whoa! I didn't get upset or angry or get my feelings hurt. Through no effort on my part I'm simply living more peacefully. I don't take things so seriously anymore. Forgiveness of myself and others comes so easily now. I have spent years trying to overcome pain from my past and let-go of negative programming and behavior patterns. And now suddenly all my issues seem to be just melting away almost effortlessly. I feel humbled that Spirit has given me the Gift of your Multi Dimensional Workshop and each subsequent session seems to enhance the healing more and more, deeper and deeper." --Norma Macken, via Collingswood, NJ Workshop

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