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It is in one of the lofts in the units across from Fresh Restaurant, enter through the gate past the garden and into the lobby, buzz with the code you receive from Jesse

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Note: Date and price are subject to change. (The information night will always be free).

This event is an information night about the Spiritual Bootcamp course which will teach you Tantra, Peer facilitation and Life Coach skills over 5 months. This night is for you to learn what the course is about and ask questions to decide if you want to join the course and what will be involved if you do join the course.

Please contact Jesse Stewart at [masked] for the exact address and buzzer code if you wish to attend the orientation night.

Here are the details of the actual course:

My friend, Jesse Stewart, who is a great teacher in the Toronto Consciousness Community, is hosting this great 5 month "Spiritual Bootcamp" course in the both the Fall (Sept 26+) and Winter (Jan 18+). I will be attended this course myself earlier in the year.

If you are interested in attending please email Jesse at [masked] to apply.

Official Link: http://www.spiritualbootcamp.buzz/

Hosted By: Jesse Stewart
Cost: $900 (2 $450 payments to cover all course materials, books and snacks)

Details of Course:

Spiritual Boot Camp



Spiritual Boot Camp is a training made up of three components:

1) Tantra Training
2) Peer Facilitation~Life Coaching
3) Spiritual Science – supporting you in moving to your next level of evolution.


1) Tantra Training

This involves a study and practice of Kriya Yoga Tantra using the Jewel in the Lotus: A Tantric Path to Higher Consciousness as guide book, published by the Ipsula Yoga Foundation. This book has an abundance of knowledge and wisdom that is well laid out in 12 chapters, each lesson including theory and background information, individual practices, couples practices and awareness exercises. You do not need to be in a partnership or of any particular gender identification to participate in the Spiritual Boot Camp. The overarching purpose of these practices is to work toward greater consciousness and well-being.

2) Peer Facilitation~Life Coaching

The Tantra work will push boundaries as consciousness seeks to expand and will naturally involve working through psycho-spiritual issues, and exploring our unconscious resources as we grow and transform. To serve this, everyone will be on a track that starts with Real Relating skills to improve communication and relationships. The next step is to learn Peer Facilitation skills with lots of practising in dyads (working in pairs in a conversational mode). The third step is to learn how to be a Life Coach. Whether one wants this for professional or personal reasons, we are all being called to upgrade our game in working in community.

3) Spiritual Science

As a person practices Tantra for expanded consciousness, and has the support of inter-personal skills, dyading and coaching to facilitate inner development, the path of personal evolution will become clearer and growth will accelerate. In order to maintain balance it is important to continue learning about the nature of the spiritual journey. This means study of the modern path of initiation, combined with healthy inner practices. This comes through exposure to Spiritual Science as Social Activism and Self-Initiation — events which can be optionally attended live or watched on YouTube.


This is an 6-month challenge. The rhythm is a weekly meeting (one week Tantra / next week Peer Facilitation~Life Coaching, etc). Spiritual Science talks are bi-weekly Wednesdays and you can be self-determined whether to attend live or watch on YouTube. If people need to miss some gatherings for work, travel, illness or such, this is acceptable but this is not a “come when you feel like it drop-in program”. It is a boot camp with a similar level of focused intensity to help people entrain with valuable skills. If a participant finds the commitment too much they can leave and consider beginning again in another wave.



The Spiritual Boot Camp takes place in a downtown Toronto loft (Queen West and Ossington area), which includes a room on the lower level for breakout groups. This loft space has been groomed energetically, vibrationally and sonically to make it an oasis in the city and optimized space for gatherings.


Spiritual Boot Camp is being co-held by Jesse Stewart and Laura Storey. The idea for this has been brewing for a few years and first landed in September 2015 when Jesse invited some friends to form a study group for the book Jewel in the Lotus. A “beta boot camp” of 9 people ran from September to April and as it evolved also included the dyading component.

Each participant will have an opportunity to present material from the Jewel in the Lotus book to the group. Jesse will be sharing the Skilled Friends material for the dyading evenings as well as be one of the main presenters for the Spiritual Science talks.

More background information will be provided at the Orientation Meeting which opens each Spiritual Boot Camp (Orientation Meeting open to general interested public).

Wave 5: Thursdays Starting Sept. 27th 2018


You will be part of a weekly meeting, building community through circle work and dyads – all adding encouragement and support for your personal journey. There is a certain amount of accountability and transparency that comes with this sort of community, and therefore confidentiality is an important criterion. During the time between meetings you will also be pairing up with other people from the group to do dyad swaps (facilitating each other in processing), based on the dyad skills taught.


As the ancient proverbs says, “Virtue is its own reward.” And so is the sense of self-esteem one feels by committing oneself to a systematic program of development and making it to the finish line as an “athlete of the spirit.” Going through the Spiritual Boot Camp should take you to a place of expanded spiritual knowledge and awareness, increased psychic and healing abilities, greater mastery of your sexual energies, enhanced facilitation skills and more solid confidence as a leader in the community.

Upon completion of the Spiritual Boot Camp you will have access to an ongoing Dyad Network – a community of like-minded, like-skilled people, with whom you can freely do dyad swaps (which could also include doing tantra practices together). This sort of community building does much to raise the collective vibration and feed the field of a new conscious culture. There will also be periodic gatherings of all “boot camp grads” to come together for festive pot-lucks or advanced sessions (and perhaps even retreats).

The vision is also that some of whom participate will take the initiative to use the template of the Spiritual Boot Camp with the materials and reproduce it elsewhere.


If you are interested, or even just curious, send an email indicating so to: [masked] . This may lead to a phone conversation or meeting to discuss. When people are serious about participating then send a brief (1-2 page) letter giving some information about yourself, current circumstances, past spiritual experiences, health concerns, why you are interested in participating, and anything else you feel to be relevant. This information is respected with confidentiality.


In deciding who participates, there are a range of factors to consider, ie: order of applying, size of the group, balance of energies, who is ready, personal need, etc. The interest in this program is high so there will a 2nd wave, 3rd wave, etc, offered each September and January to accommodate all interested people. As it gets clearer who is intended to be involved in each wave, participants will receive notification in advance of the start date.


The cost of this program transcends financial limitations. In other words – Free. Yes, you read right – this program is being given without financial obligation. That is why it is an “uncost.” It is operating more in an old-school manner where education, spiritual learning and healing were not commodified in terms of dollars and cents. It functions within the new paradigm of “gift culture” and is possible because of private gifting to support the Spiritual Boot Camp and related projects. Anyone is welcome to make a donation at any time or give of a service.

The real price for each participant is to “pay attention” and stay awake to whatever wonderful gifts the spiritual world is wishing to bestow upon you – as you say “Yes” to the gift of Life. The real price you pay is the commitment of time and energy you make to yourself – to show up, do the work, be responsible to yourself and co-carry the group. For what you have received from the Spiritual Boot Camp, and with what you have accomplished in yourself, you will be able to “pay it forward” with the fruits of your labours.

Fine Print :-) As there are fixed admin costs, from food to photocopying, (each meeting has healthy organic snacks, juices, teas, etc., as well as handouts) we ask people to consider a donation each term, suggested between $100-$150. Some can afford to contribute more to the costs, some can afford less. If people can’t afford anything that is fine – this training is available to anyone who feels sincerely aligned with it (Participants are also welcome to bring healthy snacks and juices to the share table).


People will need to purchase 2 main books, 1 for each term, starting with a copy of Jewel in the Lotus (3rd Edition) written by Sunyata Saraswati and Bodhi Avinasha, available through online booksellers or directly from Ipsula Foundation (we have an arrangement with Ipsula to get 20% discount for bulk orders, so let us know a.s.a.p. to purchase this way).


The more you do now to prepare for the Spiritual Boot Camp the clearer the way will be and the further you’ll be able to advance. Yoga training inherently involves a certain amount of purifying of body and mind, and so it is good to consider what you are willing to work on now so you can better reap the rewards of your efforts while in the program. You will be receiving a lot of good energy by participating in this high vibe circle and could experience spontaneous detoxing at times on any level of your being. Doing work ahead of time is recommended and it may be a good idea to have a preparatory conversation to see that you are on track. Additionally, guidance along these lines is part of the Spiritual Science talks.


The combination of the three components of the Spiritual Boot Camp (Tantra, Dyading and Spiritual Science) will be rich with experience and learning. This 8-month challenge could be approached as a marathon, where there is a continual need for effort (studying, practising, dyading, attending weekly gatherings, self-care, etc.). So you should consider this your “thing” for the duration of the Spiritual Boot Camp. Clear the deck of distractions and extraneous things as much as possible so you can invest as much in … and get even more out!

The tone of the program is as a study group to better comprehend the nature of the spiritual journey. This is an entry level training and may be the first serious step for some in their conscious awakening. Therefore the understanding is that no one is expected to master all the practices and concepts immediately. People are expected to keep up with the assigned readings, which will move along quickly, however no one is expected to immediately integrate the learning into their daily practice. This takes time and will be a gift to unpack over the rest of your life.

There is a certain level of intimacy as well as vulnerability in working as a group, so gatherings are conducted in a spirit of respect, awareness of privacy issues, and attentiveness to boundaries. Furthermore, people are asked to not imbibe of intoxicants or consciousness altering substances in any time frame prior to gatherings that would affect their presence and impinge upon the comfort of others. To participate means to realize you are engaged with a circle of people that extends beyond our physical meetings and that our actions have a ripple effect that can be felt by all – so we endeavour to conduct our lives both in and outside of the circle in a manner that feeds the field with healthy energies.


Apologies for all the logistical details in communicating what the Spiritual Boot Camp looks like. The hope is that you have a clear picture of how it would roll, should you be involved. The heart and soul of this initiative is to create a well-held sacred space for all to learn and grow. The vision is to work with our spiritual, social and sexual/sensual nature simultaneously – as a path to higher consciousness and well-being – that we may rise into all that we can become – both as individuals and as One Body.

The world is waiting for this.


To indicate your interest – ask questions – or arrange a meeting if desired:


Jesse Stewart

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