What we're about

So, I keep getting asked this. No, we're not actually fire fighters. We're just about finding fun things to do and leaving the drama for the dramarama-Bahama-mamas.

A lot of meet ups will just be checking out microbreweries, wineries, bars. But also fun events, beer or wine fests, haunted houses, checking out local bands, hikes out of town and occasionally road trips out of town.

Some ideas I have for things to do in the next couple years

1) A trip to Pagosa Springs, CO.

It's 4 hours away. They have microbreweries, hiking and pretty springs (though as they are Sulphur springs, they smell like eggs that have gone off),

2) Revisiting Durango, CO and Silverton.

The last attempt was somewhat aborted as only 3 people braved the last minute rain storm. It's beautiful and of course, they've got cool microbreweries and hiking. Next time, I want to hike to Ice Lake in Silverton and see the ghost town in Animas Forks.

3) Sedona Sliding Rocks, the Grand Canyon and/or Flagstaff, AZ

4) Denver for the costumed bike ride with 10,000 people called Tour de Fat. Everybody rides bikes in costumes, rides through town to a huge park, drink beer and play giant Jenga. Check out the Google image search. I have been to this and it's fun. But you've gotta bring a bike and wear a costume or people up there tend to not want to talk to you. They don't like it when people don't participate in the theme of whatever they're doing.


5) Or maybe the original Tour de Fat in Fort Collins, CO which I've never been to. And it averages about 25,000 people.


6) 7 1/2 hours to Nederland, CO for the Frozen Dead Guy Race. Called the craziest race in the US. Check out this article (or at least the photos) about this weird festival. It'll be my first time. They usually do it in March.


7) I'd like to take a trip sometime to Dallas to catch a Bad Bunny show.

In order to keep things intimate, where everyone knows everyone, we are going to limit the number of members to 485,701 and a half.

Once we hit that limit, new people can only join by besting a current member in mortal combat with galoshes full of shrimp and a paper plate.

If you want to do something in particular, email me about it and we can possibly make it happen. And meet up crashers are always welcome. I'm not getting upset with people for changing their minds about going to a meet up. I know we all have lives outside of Meet Up. I'm not going to get upset for people showing up unannounced either. The more the merrier. After all, Meet Ups are for meeting people.

Finally, if only a couple people sign up for a Meet Up, I'll email the people the day of (or day before) the Meet Up and ask if they want to:

A) cancel

B) change any details of the Meet Up (such as time or destination) or

C) just stick to the original Meet Up plans.

You'll never upset me for cancelling but if you plan on not coming, please do cancel. That way I can try to come up with some alternate plans. Thank you for taking the time to read all this. Hope to see you at some future Meet Up.

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