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Introducing FileMaker 17 with Wim Decorte!
Introducing FileMaker 17 The FileMaker 17 platform is out, and the big news is that FileMaker Pro is gone! Relax—now everyone gets FileMaker Pro Advanced (but the “Advanced” features can be disabled, so Bob in accounting won’t be able to see your global variables at a glance). There are a whole bunch of changes, including significant changes to licensing as well as new features. We’ll cover as much as we can with the incomparable Wim Decorte acting as sherpa, lead singer, and driver of the Winnebago. __________________________ FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 Redesigned Layout Mode: Create and edit fields, work with multiple objects at a time, and use the Inspector without opening separate windows and dialog boxes as you create and edit layouts Portals: Use portals for master-detail layouts – Portals can now display records from the current found set, making it easier to create master-detail layouts. Grouped Object Control: On a layout, select, resize, move, and format individual objects that are in a group without ungrouping them. Default Fields—what can and can’t you do? Multiple email attachments (Finally!) Custom Functions & Custom Menus: Copy and Paste! Improved reconnecting to a host. Security: New account lockout New and improved script steps: Like, Perform script by name; FileMaker Data API now has support for performing scripts; Insert from URL now allows data returned as a variable to by stored in a container; Some script steps now allow creating a directory before saving or exporting records; and a bunch more… __________________________ FileMaker Server 17 Somewhat simplified installation Admin Console: Redesigned and “streamlined”, featuring more and less… Heavier reliance on the command line interface for some settings, including CPW configuration. Changes to Backups All kinds of Data API changes Manage FileMaker Server via the FileMaker Admin API. Really. Standby server, and Administrator groups: gone! __________________________ FileMaker Go 17 New Keyboard shortcuts; Local, OS-level Notifications on a device; Drag & drop text and images; GetSensor function; Auto-complete/Type-ahead support.; and a bunch of nice features for managing files: Rename, Delete, Share, Pin

Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning (Auditorium)

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