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Critical Self-Care for Women Weekend Retreat
Yoga & Meditation - Hatha, Energy Medicine Yoga, Yoga Nidra & Intro Meditation Techniques. No prior experience necessary.
Conscious Breathwork - Connect with your Primary Lifeforce, your breath! Breathe out stagnant patterns and trauma, breathe in life and energy.
States of Connection & Your Energy Body Workshop - Learn authentic key teaching about the various layers of your Energetic Body. How to identify depletion which leads to aggravated states of Anxiety and Depression. Learn strategy to re-engae, lift and maintain your Energy and healthy boundaries in your day-to-day life and relationships.
Ceremony - non-denominational and non-appropriated nature based ceremonies of reconnection.
Healthy Local Food and Beautiful Surroundings minutes away from the city. Far enough away to enjoy the peace of nature in Eco-Friendly Folk Tree Lodge but close enough in case you're needed back home (let's hope not)!

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