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Imagine a book group, for film. Each month we'll all agree to watch one or more films by a particular director (Netflix, Amazon, DVDs, TV if you're lucky). At the end of the month we'll meet up, chat about it, bringing all our varied experiences and ideas and then arrange to watch one of the directors latest films. Then to the pub to discuss latest film. I know... Amazing right? Why is no one else doing this?

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Blade Runner 2049
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The Bath Brew House


Blade Runner! Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling Ridley Scott and Denis Villeneuve! WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE!? And what could be more perfect than a sequel to re-launch Film Fans, Bath? We all know and love Ridley Scott, the original (well the final, final directors cut) Blade Runner is totally up there in my top 5 all-time favourite movies… but now times have moved on, we've got Harrison Ford doing his hand-over-to-a-new-generation routine; remember when Shia Le Bouf almost got that hat?, when Adam Driver drove a light-saber right into the heart of the original trilogy's hero?, well now he's passing the baton to Ryan (ooh la la land) Gosling (the hottest Hollywood actor right now?). AND... AND... (after the travesty of Prometheus*) who better to make sure that one of the most-anticipated sequels of our time goes to plan than Dennis (The Arrival) Villeneuve! If you’ve not see The Arrival DO IT NOW I’ll be watching Sicario (2015) for sure And then there is Enemy (2013) Prisoners (2013) and Incendies (2010). Come join me, and a bunch of other committed film fans, to talk about the work of Denis Villeneuve… with excursions and diversions that will no doubt also include Ridley Scott, whether Prometheus was actually ANY good, why Alien is still the best horror film ever, why Phillip K Dick is the greatest Sci-Fi writer ever, why Ryan Gosling is the hottest leading man ever and… oh I don’t know… I’m sure someone will mention Hitchcock at some point too. There will be beer, there will be chat, there will be films. Watch what you can before coming along for the chat and then we can put the showing of Bladerunner 2049 into our diaries and have a natter about that once we’ve seen it. Looking forward to relaunching Film Fans Bristol/Bath with you. Who’s in? Just RSVP to show interest and let me know what day is best for you.

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