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We shall meet and discuss how we can help good films get better returns!And invest also!

Our way of working shall be to study the current way of working and seeing how change be brought about in the film market. Like distribution, marketing and Investing.

What we are seeing in India today is movies are being made for substandard audience with bad taste and money is used to pushed down the theatres. They make money just by selling it to the regional distributors who imagine it will be blockbuster. There are many villages in India where there is a single screen theatre where people are forced to see the movies. In Mumbai, huge money is spent on ads and people are forced to go once and that once is sufficient for the biggies as the population is huge! Small and good movies are unable to get to the main screen and get the eyeballs they require to make a decent amount to survive. They are shunted out by a systematic system which is dependent on big money which shall be shared by TV, Ads and other such sources. Mean while a good movie idea is suffering . These biggies are inspired by looking at western movies and they don't look around for a good plot which shall be useful to the society.! that is why western media is criticizing us that we are all copy cats! To solve the draught of money we can always see how much less we can invest after we like the idea and then help the project in all possible ways! why not join , discuss and add value!

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