What we're about

This is a group to help aspiring film directors meet their objectives.

We focus on

1. mentoring projects

2. provide training and guidance in film making

3. provide networking

4. provide work opportunities

Our method of working is partly online and partly real world interactions.

In the coming month you can expect a video series on some of the roadblocks that film directors face.

Be on the lookout.

Present members are encouraged to give some feedback on what is the most pressing problem that they face in making films.

New members are welcome.

I am myself a teacher of film direction with experience of teaching at FTII, Whistling woods and Digital Academy. Presently I run a training workshops in filmmaking and allied subjects at filmzcool.org

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A warm welcome to all and best wishes for your film making endevors.

Upcoming events (1)

Writers Block Unplugged



Two sure shot methods to overcome writer's block. Program. Half hour discussion on problems faced by you when you come to a dead stop and you can think of nothing. Fifteen minuted of writing a short piece. Fifty minutes of talk on my methods of overcoming writer's block. Ten minutes break. Refreshments. Fifteen minutes of application of my method to your work. Half hour review of your work. Half hour Q and A. Get writing paper and pen. Film screening and interaction for those who hang back.

Past events (3)

Learn about Sound Recording and Engineering

Digital Academy-The Film School