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Every 4th Sunday of the month until November 24, 2018

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FilmMakers MeetUp Goals

We will be meeting (minimum) monthly in 2018 and more often as we grow. Our main purpose is creating completed, screen-ready films & generating buzz about various film/media/screenwriting projects and finding distribution for these projects outside of our local networks.

Phase 1: The Short Film - From Idea to Completion
Don't wait until a meeting to pitch your passion project or ask for assistance with script development. Message me and let's get started refining your script, honing in on your idea for the next great reality TV series or brainstorming YouTube topics. Whatever your project... just work it. Every day.

Phase 2: Creating Buzz
As a group we aim to facilitate filmmaker collaboration locally by working together on each others films (etc). Together we will help spread the word about each others projects by connecting on social and promoting our creative work (films, videos, webisodes, music, scripts, business related social accounts... If you work with someone in this group or you just love and believe in what they're creating - share their stuff. Don't forget to encourage each other by helping to make FilmMakers MeetUp a positive forum for creative collaboration.

Phase 3: Targeted Strikes - Sending Finished Films to Festivals & The Film Marketplace
Our intention is to garner awards and laurels to aid in marketing finished films with the ultimate goal for each project being distribution. Decisions about individual project goals will be considered before finishing film projects by the team working on them. For instance, the goal of a web series might not be traditional distribution. This kind of project might be better suited to building a cult following online through social media and merch. The goal of developing a YouTube show/channel may be to develop brand identity, create a venue for self distribution or generate passive income. For my personal film projects the path will be traditional; festivals, laurels, and press with the intention of gaining third party distribution. Rights and other legal etc will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

The long-term goal of FilmMakers MeetUp is that this group become a mobile film unit that is Carolina/East Coast based with regular full-time crew (like a studio with the perk of working from home).

Some of us will get offers are go on to bigger projects outside of Charlotte. Some of us will get to quit their day job. If anybody is only thinking that this is a hobby, that's ok but I'm going for full time. I won't quit having ideas for film. This is what I'm made for.

As an artist and independent thinker lots of people will tell you that you can't make it in film. Their dreams have died. Ignore what they say and keep moving forward. Keep creating. Only quitting = failure in the creative life. Don't quit.

When we lift each other up, we all rise.
Let's all rise together.