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This group is for empowering People (First time home buyers, seasoned investors, doctors, accountants, entrepreneurs, college students, home owners, parents, and teens) to take control of their financial situations. We explore many areas finance, Real Estate and banking. Learn the importance of having a Small Business. Do you have a side job that would benefit as a business LLC? Do you know the tax strategies necessary to benefit your small business? Helping people understand loans and credit and how to properly use them. How to pay down debt faster without resorting to a diet of beans and ramen. Everyone can have something to gain from our group. Specializing in Real Estate, we can help you through an education platform to achieve your goals and enlarge the good that you do. We are a support for families going through foreclosures and some credit struggles through education. We have a variety of events, and meetings. We have an essentials foundation education plan, and an education plan to help you delve into the different facets of real estate that fit with many types of personalities and situations. Come check us out and see how we can help you!

Our community has education platforms you can purchase but YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY ANY PART OF THE PLATFORM to take part in our public education meetings or events!! So come out and learn what you don’t know or enhance and build on what you do know.

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Financial Strategies

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