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1. What's the purpose of the group? It has been documented that over 2 million people over the age of 60 will fall victims of exploitation of many avenues and circumstances. . . . from the taking of real estate property by corporations to the illegal acts of undue influence by family members. This group is designed to empower potential and current victims of Financial Elder Abuse to address future, as well as, immediate emergency needs,

2. Who should join? Anyone and everyone is encouraged to join as there is a great possibility that they all will enjoy the benefits of reaching the great ripe age of retirement, the targeted group for exploitation. It will be designed to encourage people to help other people whether with funding for legal fees to the donation of their time and services from paralegal to pro bono attorney services.

3. What will you do at your events? Our events will be designed to tackle the basics needs that will empower all members to prepare themselves for the future as well as protect themselves from current financial abuse actions currently pending.

4. What will you learn? This is the good part. You will learn all the laws governing the Financial Elder Abuse, learn how to research on how to gain more knowledge, learn from seminars conducted by legal firms and other elder abuse organizations specializing in Financial Elder Abuse offing guidance on how to prepare Living Trusts, Wills and free pro bono services that provide Conservativeship services for Probate Court.

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