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Are you interested in: Real Estate investing (REI), learning how to use your retirement funds to make you more money, increased Financial awareness, learning business tax strategies, learning how to get out of debt, credit management, velocity banking, do you have money to lend or invest into real estate buyers? Do you want to connect to people or have contact with an Advisor locally based in and around Tucson?
Our community of advisors host multiple REI and financial awareness trainings and events to help you; build and structure your bussiness, save on taxes, with financial awareness and credit repair. We also host REI home tours during the rehab stage to help you better understand the ins and outs of the process.

Our community has education platforms you can purchase but YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY ANY PART OF THE PLATFORM to take part in our public education meetings or events!! So come out and learn what you don’t know or enhance and build on what you do know.

Past events (38)

Legal and Tax with Mark Kohler

Orange Tree Resort

Credit Matters with Eric Counts

Tucson, AZ

4th Saturday Special Networking Event

Needs a location

Beginning an 8th Fix and Flip Deal

Needs a location

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