What we're about

Who should join:

This is a group for anyone interested in improving their financial situation, real estate and investment, financial planning, estate planning, college planning, retirement planning, public speaking, helping themselves, friends, families and communities and entrepreneurial opportunities.

What your Meetup Group is about:

We will invite various personal finance professionals to give talks, presentations, seminars etc. Discuss among our-self so that we will have detailed understanding of personal finance topics such as personal finance risk management, college savings, savings for retirement, savings for long term care, tax savings, estate planning etc. These topics are relevant to young, middle aged as well as elderly people.

What members can expect from this group:

Members can expect invited qualified financial professionals speak about these topics.

What we expect from members:

We expect the members to be open minded about helping themselves, their families, communities and meetup members. We expect members to be courteous, respectful, caring, sensitive, honest & prompt about RSVPs, comments they make and any other methods of participation.

FREE Workshop Series:

Campaign Orientation @ Campaign Headquarter in San Jose Every Day for those who are interested in our campaign.

Workshop 1. Debt Management & Cash Flow

Workshop 2. Building a strong financial foundation

Workshop 3. Asset accumulation & wealth building

Workshop 4. Retirement planning & wealth preservation

Workshop 5. Entrepreneurship & building a successful business

Workshop 6. College Coaching & Planning for high school families


Saving Your Future - concepts you must know to build wealth and make your money work for you. With over 1 million copies distributed, this book is available to anyone for free who attend our Campaign Orientation.

Workshop Workbook - available to those who attend our Free Workshops.

Affiliation Disclosure:

The Financial Literacy Campaign is a national Campaign run by World System Builder, which is a financial services provider in All 50 States & Canada.

You do not need to be a member of WSB or bound to do any business with any WSB associate, in order to attend any of these FREE workshops. All our workshops are open to public to attend for FREE.

Past events (68)

Asset Accumulation & Building Wealth Workshop

Gold Street Financial Center

New Year FI/RE meet up East Bay

Avalon Fremont

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