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This is a group for anyone interested in increasing their financial education. Solid Financial Literacy enables individuals and entrepreneurs to make better financial decisions regarding their individual and/or business circumstance. This group has access to the type of financial education NOT taught in schools, or work.

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4 BAGS OF MONEY: Which One Is Yours?

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This is a real financial education event, where you will be taught top financial secrets that the North American institutions either don't teach you or don't want you to know. Your Financial IQ is measured in dollars, and in the size of your financial problem. Many average Canadians can't solve a $700 shortfall. Don't let the years pass by without taking the necessary steps to getting you closer to where you need to be, both personally and professionally. Its time to take action, sign up, register, and book your calendars for the opportunity to gain greater control over your financial future. Many people aspire to be Millionaires, pay less taxes, and have more time. The road is still rough, nevertheless, gaining real financial education levels the playing field, and makes the impossible more probable. 1. Do you want to be an employee with a million dollar salary? The problem with a million dollar salary is taxes, approximately 50% going to the government. 2. Do you want to be a net worth Millionaire? That means you have taken the value of all your personal assets (car, house, savings, and pension) and subtracted any liabilities from those assets. Most people who claim to be Millionaires are net worth Millionaires. Many net worth Millionaires make less then $150,000 per year. 3. Do you want to be a capital gains Millionaire? That means you sell assets for a million dollars in capital gains which are subject to capital gains taxes. A big problem for capital gains is taxes. The bigger problem is that capital gain Millionaires reduces his or her net-worth because they must sell assets for money. 4. Do you want to be a cash flow Millionaire? These are people who have a million dollars or more coming in as cash flow from assets without selling their assets. Cash flow millionaires have the most control over taxes and their future. 5. Do you want to be a lucky Millionaire by marrying a rich person, inheriting money, or winning the lottery? To you I say, "Good Luck." The price for marrying for money can be your soul. How much is your soul worth? The ability to be a cash flow millionaire depends on which bag of money belongs to you and for the person who invests in real financial education, which this event is about, creates greater control over his or her financial freedom. Having cash flow allows me to use debt as money, pay less taxes, legally, without selling assets, which would decrease my net worth. What do you want to do? What kind of future do you want for yourself and your family? What legacy are you leaving behind? Education is more important then ever before. But the pressing question is: What kind of education? Without real financial education, most people do not know the difference between tax avoidance and tax elimination. Without real financial education, most people do not know which to do first: pay of their mortgage or invest inside their RRSP. Without real financial education, most people do not know the Canadian Government invented the RRSP for their own benefit. Without real financial education, it is easy to understand why so many people lie to cover the mistakes they make, rather then be truthful and learn from their mistakes. Millions of people would rather lie about their personal financial condition than admit they know little about money, and then seek help. Without real financial literacy, most people do not really know how threatening their financial challenges really are. Since the lack of financial education is the real problem, then it follows real financial education is the way out. You have two choices: either the government will take care of you... or you can take care of yourself.

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