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Monthly Financial Literacy Meetup
This meetup is open for suggestions - what would you like to talk about? Please be sure to visit our ideas board and vote on your favorite topics. We'll meet at Henry's Tavern at 7:30 pm (Gordpn Biersch, our old venue, closed down). If you'd like to get food (and I encourage you to do so, so that we don't get dirty looks for tying up a table) please arrive around 7 pm.

henrys tavern

5741 Legacy Drive, Suite 100 Plano, TX 75024 · plano, TX

What we're about

Welcome to a group that cares about destressing on your financial life, bolstering your financial health, being as informative as possible, and to have some fun while doing so! :)

* Making the most of your Retirement account (401k, IRA, Roth IRA, 501k, etc.)
* Understanding how current events affect your finances/investments
* Investing 101 "classes": 4-5 2x yearly sessions on picking stocks, mutual funds, building a healthy portfolio for you, etc.
* Bringing in professionals for their valuable insights

* Weekend reading a couple times a month for tips, tricks, and latest financial/investing insights.
* Polls to get a better understanding of your interests, financial questions, and related items.
* Updates on things like our "virtual stock exchange" contest ( ...)
* Member Profile (Q&A)

Community based, community run, community empowering :)

Financial Literacy - because wisdom and understanding makes great returns on any investment.

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