What we're about

We are group of everyday people who believe that Financial Literacy is a must for everyone, and we are sick and tired of traditional industry approach of products without knowledge, so we have decided to change things.

We have devised a curriculum that is free of products and sales, and based upon fundamental concepts of how money work, to help everyday people, see their full financial picture.

We believe that Financial well-being is fundamental to the foundation of any successful society. Our mission is to provide quality hands-on financial education courses for adults.

Our missions is to provide quality educational courses conveniently offered in the workplace or community settings in cities across North America.

Our objective is to ensure free, easily accessible financial education for people everywhere. While this concept has often been discussed in the media, in the classroom and in the boardroom, little has been done to bring it to reality. However, a new model has been developed which offers hope that this goal may be achieved.

Our Concept is simple
1. Bring financial expertise and training on an educational, non-solicitous basis to public at location for their convenience.
2. Provide knowledgeable, qualified instructors equipped with practical course material.

Financial Foundation Workshops Series includes 6 workshops that are FREE for Anyone who want to attend.


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Financial Foundation Workshops

Dallas Central Financial Center

New Workshop Every Monday & Thursday Ask the organizer for current schedule This is a series of four stand alone workshops that be taken independent of each other or all of them. FREE FINANCIAL FREEDOM WORSHOP SERIES WORKSHOP 1: INCREASE CASH FLOW AND DEBT MANAGEMENT ØDiscover $$$ that you did not know you had ØCost of SAVING $6.60 a day ØLearn where your money goes ØUnderstand some misconceptions in defining assets and liabilities ØKnow the tax advantages of being a business owner ØLearn how to pay off debt faster with debt roll up WORKSHOP 2: STRONG FINANCIAL FOUNDATION AND PROPER PROTECTION ØHow to build a strong financial foundation ØThe relationship between building wealth and fulfilling your responsibilities ØDo I need life insurance ØIf so, how much do coverage do I need? ØDifferent types of life insurance ØHow to choose the most suitable insurance product for your family WORKSHOP 3: BUILDING WEALTH AND ASSET ACCUMULATION ØThe Wealth Building Formula ØCost of waiting longer to invest ØEffect of Taxes & Inflation on purchasing power ØIdentify and differentiate Tax Now, Tax Later & Tax Advantage Assets ØDollar Cost Averaging & Asset Allocation ØActive vs Passive Wealth Management WORKSHOP 4:RETIREMENT PLANNING ANDWEALTH PRESERVATION ØWhat sources of income you will have for retirement ØUnderstanding key differences among fixed, indexed and variable rates ØHow Estate Planning Works? ØWhat is your plan for Long Term Care? ØDoes Medicare covers all my costs? ØWill and Trusts are not just for the wealthy Spouse or significant others are welcome. Please bring notebook and pen, an open mind and all your questions. Since we have a packed agenda we will start on time so please arrive few minutes prior to get seated. MUST RSVP on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dallas-central-financial-foundation-workshops-tickets-61360628291

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Financial Foundation Workshops

Dallas Central Financial Center

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