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Imagine walking away from this meetup filled with inspiration, actionable content Tracy likes to call 'impactful learning' to move forward in your investment journey.

Imagine feeling supported and part of a community that RISES TOGETHER...starting with accountability partners.

This group is to help you live a 'Richer' and Fuller Life Aligned to You.

If you are a caring and passionate women who wants to take financial control of your life

If you are a determined woman who has side hustles or an entrepreneur, entrepreneurial spirit and an action taker

And you feel 'stuck' and want more in life. You want to build a legacy for your family. You want to build your own nest egg.

You dream of feeling financially secure and creating a lifestyle that you love - > a more purposeful and meaningful life.

Then join this movement to accelerate your path to financial nirvana.

***Proceeds from the meetup will fund a Kickstarter social initiative led by Tracy to 'Empower Young Ladies to THRIVE in life, not just Exams'.

About this Social Initiative: Using an innovative approach, Tracy will guide young girls and university students through fun and interactive activities she likes to call "impactful learning". Students walk away with confidence and applied skills about money, investments, resilience, mindset, entrepreneurship and modern public speaking so that they THRIVE amazingly in life, not just exams.

I invite you to join me: Lets jumpstart the next generation of women so they are unstoppable. ***

These meetups will be filled with engaging, fun, and open conversations, where women ELEVATE women and empowering each other to rise together.

I will be collaborating with other speakers to provide experiences, of the Ottawa real estate market, advanced real estate investing strategies (RRSP lending)

I will provide actionable content on real estate investing including processes to automate real estate investing, productivity tools, real estate investing life- saving tools, and much much more...built on my ten plus years as a real estate investor.

My mission is to inspire you to stop settling in life, take action to do what you love to do, so that you build your amazing life that is the best version of you.

What can this Meetup do for You?

If you want to reach financial independence and create wealth so that you can:

– Live for free: ex. stop worrying about day to day expenses like a mortgage

– Create a money stash for your family for financial security

– Create an education fund for your kids the smart way without spending a fortune

– Afford a dream nanny

If you want to learn how to invest smarter by learning how to:

– invest in real estate – the simple way aligned to your LIFESTYLE

– build and grow your money even while you are sleeping

– become financially savvy in real estate investments

– grow your income in multiple ways

Most importantly, meet like-minded women in a fun and dynamic way rather than the boring unengaging investment meetups...

Then Financial Nirvana Meetup is for you!

Why I started Financial Nirvana Meetup:

My goal is to share the truth about real estate investing. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Many years ago, I searched for reputable meetups to help guide me in my real estate investing journey but I had trouble finding people I can relate too.

When I did find the meetups– I couldn’t relate to the people who were organizing it.... I’m a busy mom with a career and investing in real estate part-time so I wanted to see others who are like me doing the same thing...

Rather than sitting back and waiting for someone else to do it, and HOPING someone would do it….

I decided to launch the Financial Nirvana Meetup.

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