• Get Feedback On Your Business Idea and/or Meet a Partner/Investor

    Members of this group are full of experience and knowledge to help with constructive feedback for all types of businesses. Come to test out your idea, get some info, or find a partner/investor. If you want to see a list of businesses members of this group would like to start [or expand upon], check out the "Message Board" under "More" from your PC [not available in the app] OR let me know and I'll send it to you. Hope to see you there! Tuesday 8/13 at Starbucks in Brookhaven PA

  • First Meeting ... Informal & Enlightening, Potentially Very Engaging

    Our first meeting will test the waters to see the best way to match up potential business partners/investors. I'll lead the way with questions about general types of businesses and stage of readiness [i.e. whether it's just an idea or you've created a business plan], and we'll go from there. Very informal but potentially ... very engaging. The meetup will be held at Glen Providence Park, Media PA ... State Street Entrance. There's easy parking and a stone walled-in overlook structure at the entrance where we can chat [see pic] ... or we can walk a few feet from there to a picnic table area. Right now, it seems the weather will be clear but I'll check the forecast a few days prior and make changes if necessary [there is a pavilion onsite about 500 ft from the entrance but that might be a little soggy to trek in the rain]. 6PM ... Thursday, July 18 Who's in!