21Days South America: Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil - Sep 2019

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Hosted by: Daniel Goh (http://www.threeplaygrounds.com/profile/7462/Daniel+Goh)
Travel Agent: License no 02937 (WeirdoFreako Outdoor Pte Ltd.)

South America - Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil

7 – 27 September 2019

21 Days Tour

Flight days:
The 21 days tour do not include your outbound and inbound flight days from your country of origin.
From Singapore, flights will need to depart on 6 Sept to start the tour on 7 Sept in Rio De Janeiro. At the end of the tour, flights will depart Sao Paulo on 27 Sept and arrive in Singapore on 29 Sept. This is the probable flight duration based on the average flight booking.

Machu Picchu ([masked])...read more (http://www.threeplaygrounds.com/adventure/21days-south-america-peru-bolivia-argentina-brazil-sep-2019/569?utm_source=meetup&utm_campaign=meetupteaser)