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Live Open Jam BURBANK (FREE)
This event was found on the CrowdGraf app Download the CrowdGraf app to see real time updates from this event Follow us on Instagram @CrowdGraf to find other local events Great hidden gem near the Burbank suburbs. Amazing live band, cheap drinks, and good people. Enjoy the live entertainment or join in the open jam! You'll usually find Albie sitting at the front table don't hesitate to say hi and grab a seat.

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This is the official CrowdGraf meet-up for people who want to Find Fun & never miss a local event! Our long term mission is to develop a mobile application that maps out (in real-time) all the fun happening in Los Angeles and eventually the greater U.S.

As a first step in achieving our goal, we’ve started this group for fun loving people in Los Angeles who want to get together & have a good time. We'll have Meetups tailored around happy hours, rooftops, restaurants, museums, nightlife, and much more. We welcome all members and seek ideas to help to make meetups fun and memorable. Our group will be as active, engaging & diverse as we are. Share your passion with us! We want to try anything you enjoy doing or have always wanted to do.

Have an event idea in mind or don't see an event you like? Suggest one. Group participation is what makes this meetup group engaging and where you can contribute right away.

With this Meetup Group, we’re trying something new. Here’s how it works:

We scour CrowdGraf app looking for the best (greatest amount of fun per dollar spent) local events happening in Los Angeles. We then post these events on weekly basis for our Meetup family to consume at their leisure.

Event organizers: Regarding local events that we post on our Meetup page, we encourage you to reach out to us if you’d like to be added as Co-Hosts.

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We also invite and welcome anyone interested in helping to build out CrowdGraf as a product to join our CrowdGraf community:

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