What we're about

In the, “Find Your Authentic Voice,” meetup you will learn to have the freest and most authentic expression of voice. You will experience greater capacity to be at your best consistently. With a special diaphragm target-training exercise you will be freeing body, strengthening breath support, calming you and clarifying voice you will be using your new capacity in group and individual exercises for instant integration of emotion and your creative mind. You will become a more resourceful presenter/performer, with exercises that are easy to understand and practice, effectively raising the bar on your ability. This meetup will always feel safe, be dynamic and a fun place to learn and grow.
Benefits include:
Public Speaking: More confidence and energy and a clearer mind to reach your audience with impact.
Nerves and Confidence: more oxygen to your brain means you will be calmer and think more clearly.
Legit Stage: a stronger diaphragm means more easy projection, more energy and emotional dynamics in your voice whether speaking or singing.
Film and TV: having more mental energy gives you more authentic expression and better/faster interpretation of direction.
Auditions: being more energized and focused means you will prepare sides faster and better.
Casting Agent Interviews: being more relaxed and connected to your feelings and passion comes across as confidence.

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