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Life is in constant movement, change and flow. As we live, we take on different roles and responsibilities and become comfortable within those roles.

But then there come transitions, shifts, and those expected and not so expected changes. We find ourselves feeling lost, unsure and no longer fitting in the molds we used to be comfortable in a few years prior. As the roles we play in society as children, as parents, as spouses, as employees change, our priorities, our perspectives and the things we value also shift. We find ourselves searching for a new identity and a new meaning for our lives. Moving away from our old way of being to the new way of existence, however, is not easy. Embarking on something we never had to deal with before, leaves us feeling stuck, anxious and frustrated. Clarity, confidence and self assurance are necessary to move through these confusing times successfully.

If you find yourself in a transition stage in your life and feel lost and unsure about what the future holds, help from an expert might be what you need. During each bi-weekly gathering you will get a chance to meet experts from various backgrounds who will bring different topics and skill sets. This will give you a chance to "sample" their style and allows you to find out if you resonate with them. Every meeting will be designed with topics related to aspects of going through a transition and ways to empower ourselves on our journeys. Such as; Finding Clarity, Personal Growth, Self Empowerment, Forming a Healthy Mindset, Law of Attraction, Visualization, Power of Meditation and Solitude, Practicing Intuition, and many more. You will leave each meeting feeling empowered to handle your specific transition and move forward confidently in your journeys.

This group will require an attendance fee of $10 per meeting!

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