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The older I get the more I value the input and support of wise women with experience gleaned from lives both ordinary and extraordinary. Somewhere in childhood I picked up the sense that someday life would be smooth sailing, that I would have everything figured out and I would move through my impressive career and relationships with ease. Not only is that a myth we need to stop telling ourselves, our girlfriends and our daughters (and sons) but it would probably make for a very boring life.

Seven years ago I moved to West Sussex. My life’s work, my life-long friends and my family all very far away now. I miss the female friendships that informed my choices and enhanced my journey, and I sense others might too. Let’s face it, life is better walking with our girlfriends; laughing, crying, sharing, encouraging, just spending time together.

I’ve now spilled over into my 50s. I have stories to tell but also lessons to learn. This group holds space for you and your stories too, whatever your age, wherever your journey has led.

Please note, this group is about friendship, not romance and anyone who identifies as female is welcome.

Upcoming events (2)

Thirsty Third Thursday

The Highdown

We've decided to make another regular event called the Thirsty Third Thursday at The Highdown. It's a great place to meet with a lot of space both indoors and outside, for when we get some better weather. Whilst we are indoors we will have to restrict the numbers that can attend, only because it makes it easier for us all to be involved in the chat.
Please join us anytime from 6.30pm. They do have some lovely pub grub as well.
Could we also ask you to not block book in advance, this allows everyone to able attend and experience our lovely group. Many thanks.

Party in the Park

Hotham Park

It's time to get your jubilee on and celebrate Her Majesty’s historic 70 years on the throne at Hotham Park in Bognor Regis!

This is a bring-your-own food, drink and seating event. Picnic blankets, hampers, union flags and smiles highly encouraged. Fingers crossed the sun will be out so we can spread out on the lawns. We’ll most likely be setting up near the bandstand.

No one should feel obligated to bring more than they'd like to consume for themselves. But if you have a little extra, we would request the following:

  1. Pimms
  2. Lemonade
  3. Pre-sliced oranges, strawberries, cucumber or mint
  4. Drinks pitchers
  5. Disposable cups

Just mention what you'll be bringing in the comments. Please read all comments before deciding, so we don't end up with 10,000 cups and nothing to drink :-). If you have a camping table, gazebo or chairs that you're willing to bring let us know that in the comments as well.

The park is a short walk from the Bognor Regis train station and the centre of town. There are carparks on the west side and northeast corner of the park for a small fee, but parking is not a problem around town.

Here's a lovely little article about Hotham Park with photos from a few years ago in case you've never been there.

Looking forward to seeing all 1000 of you at our first event this year allowing unlimited attendees. Hoorah!

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Second Sunday Social

Edgcumbes Coffee Roasters & Tea Merchants

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