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Ah...Joy. A word that is different for all of us. Some of us love nature, others a good book. Some just wish for some quiet time, others a paint brush and canvas. No matter our view of joy, the most important truth is that we must remember to partake in it. This beautiful journey called life should be enjoyed. But, what is a sad truth, is that life can create walls, and then those walls easily block joy from bloom. Why is this? Are we too stressed, too busy, too depressed, too driven, to sit back and relax? Joy and passion, what makes our soul smile, should always be a priority in life, no matter our age, or our status. Because, my friends, when your soul is happy, you are happy, healthier. Oh yes....I said healthier. And this meetup has explored happy and healthy from many perspectives. We've hiked, we've biked, heck, we have even roller skated! We've had many discussions on health including details on sugar, inflammation, and our daily habits. Why? My friends, what we put in our body and how we treat it on a daily basis, is also a major part of having joy in our life.

I started this group the day after the sad news of Anthony Bourdain. This person I had seen as a culturally friendly, open minded, experienced man of the world. He loved to cook, to travel, to meet and talk with people. I have always tried to travel as he, truly getting to know each place I have the joy of experiencing. But, what I didn't realize was he was hurting, he was lonely, he had walls up, just like so many of us. In this age we are more connected than we have ever been in history, but yet we are the most lonely, medicated and depressed. Why is this? Well, it's just another reason I wanted to start this group. So we can talk, share, experience together and feel a sense of community.

So come join us in realizing the importance of making sure that JOY resides within. It is up to us to make a commitment to it each day. Be us 20 or 70, our bodies and souls long for joy. When we truly start to make it a priority, we can begin to see all of the wonderful ways in which our bodies, minds and lives are benefited from making sure that we are... Finding Joy In The Everyday.

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End of Summer Paddle Boarding Joy!

Stand Up Paddle North Texas

Joy Seekers!
I can't believe that summer is almost over, and I have to go back to adulting! (most of you know, I am a teacher) ...hehe... and that I have THOROUGHLY enJOYed this summer of hiking 2021!!

Paddle boarding has been brought up before, and since it is HOT.... Paddling boarding with my Joy Seekers sounds like a wonderful way to end the summer!

Never tried it? Awesome! This will be your chance, as the owners will give instructions and help out as needed. (promise...it's not that hard!)

Coolers and water included. Feel free to bring a water, soda, or snack to put in a cooler for when done.

We will be out for 2 hours. (You can do 1....but, it goes by quick, believe me!)

VERY IMPORTANT... The owners know I am doing a meetup, but you can only book 15 spots for paddleboards online. After that, you have to call. (They will not do past 20)

SO..that means...first come, first serve .... SO...you should book QUICKLY if you want your spot! Here is the link!

Important NOTE: PUT "JOY" before your name when you book, so the owner and I can keep up with how many I have booked.

LINK: http://supntx.com/

REMEMBER... Aug 7... 5pm... Paddleboard booking for 2 hours... add "JOY" to your name when you book..for example "JOY"Frank .... or ..."JOY"Jessica

Cost- $40 (2 hours)... $25 (1 hour)


See you soon!!!.... for some hopefully awesome, sunset, paddle boarding JOY!


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Joy...is a Sunset Bike Ride

Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve

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