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The Joy & Need of Self-Care
Joy Seekers! Holidays already got you stressed? It is very easy for people to allow themselves to get all stressed out and find no joy in the season. Guilty of that? hmmm? Well...let's fix that! This meetup is just what you need. What better meetup for the holiday season than a wonderful mix of restorative yoga, mantra meditation, then wonderful tea and homemade snacks as we hang out together in a new found holiday blissful and joyous spirit. And a wonderful little going away gift since its the holidays? UM...yes! Everyone will receive a (made by the hostess)rice sock heating pad. Sound delightful? I think yes....So....BIG IMPORTANT must register, and there is room for only so many spots. SO PLEASE RSVP soon and if you change your mind, PLEASE TAKE YOURSELF OFF THE LIST to open the spot for someone else. Registration is free, but they are asking a $20-30 donation at the door for all that is included in our day. Please open this link to register and read more details.... Joy Seekers! Don't let the holidays just be stressful because you think they should be. The Christmas season is a time for gratitude, giving, being present for self and for others around you. It is a time of remembrance of how lucky we are as human beings in this blessed life. It's lights, and trees, and cookies and Christmas movies. Its family, friends and God. So join me in keeping it simple this holiday season, and in finding the joy in the everyday of December. Joy Seekers! Let's decorate our hearts and souls with JOY this holiday season!

Atma Bhakti Yoga Center

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    As I continue the journey of my own personal joy, as a teacher, I also feel driven to helping others to be inspired, motivated and to be active in their quest for joy in their own lives. With that being said, I want this group to do a variety of things, including mixing with other meetups that I am part of and collaborating with. From bike rides, to barefoot walks, to coloring, to yoga, to meditation, to hiking, to led discussions on the topic of Joy itself, etc...I want this group to 1)"take action" in reflecting why we allow JOY to be stolen from our day and then 2) also to realize the importance of making sure that JOY resides within. It is up to us to make a commitment to it. With that commitment, we will then 3) see all of the wonderful ways in which our bodies, minds and lives are benefited from making sure that we Find Joy In The Everyday.

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