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Your mind is your most precious asset. So why then not take a closer look into how it is best kept in peak condition.

If one wishes to survive better for longer then look no further then your own mind!

For those "not interested" is it only a matter of time (and experiences) before many of their thoughts and resulting decisions (actions or inaction) are declining and no longer optimum.

Add to this that to the beholder of a mind that has seen better days is its sometimes not obvious that their mind is no longer working as it should.

Facts are that the human mind is at the mercy of negative experiences.

Improving intelligence and with it your survival is depended on how you deal with them.

Facts are that no matter what state you perceive your mind to be in it can ALWAYS be improved.

Your Minds true potential is immense.

This group is interested in the working of the mind and how we increase the quality of our decisions and with it our survival.

Einstein said we only use up to 10% of our mind. He failed however to explain what the other 90% is doing.

Knowing about some basic mind health natural laws as well as what is keeping the "90%" busy will go a long way in securing this much written and talked about happiness most of us find impossible to nail down.

Its therefore through sound knowledge and experiences we must seek to protect our mind from being overwhelmed by more and more negative emotions and resulting irrational thoughts and actions.

The mind controls our body and with it the coming or going of many of our physical ailments.

These meetups are held at the Church of Scientology of British Columbia where I am a volunteer.

When you select RSVP, please make sure you are 100% coming. We spend our personal time and energy to prepare each Meetups so we need to have correct prediction of amount of attendee.

Thank you very much for joining.

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Church of Scientology of British Columbia

What is Holding You BACK?

Church of Scientology of British Columbia

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Church of Scientology of British Columbia

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