What we're about

A lot of people were asking to re-open the group and I'm sorry that it took so long :)

* This group is ideal for beginner, hobbyist or professional photographers who are interested in working with international and local models in studio and on location.

* I would like to offer photographers of all skill levels to work on development of their own artistic vision and style, try new ideas in a creative and non-judgemental environment where participants always learn from each other.

* There is always an assistant present who is able to help you with your lighting set up or in case you have technical difficulties. I am not a photography instructor and don't do much coaching on technical sides of things, so you should be familiar with your equipment and know the basics of photography.

* Overall I would like to follow the format of sessions from the last year where we will primarily be focusing on creation of artistic value in the image and improve their skills to translate these visions into photographic stills.

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