What we're about

Hello! This group exists to help new writers -- especially those who have dreamed of writing a book, but can't see a path forward -- follow the best methods available to complete their manuscript in a year or less.

The path from a blank page to a printed book has two distinct parts: Writing the Manuscript and Publishing the Book.

This group focuses on the first part, helping writers to write honest, impactful work without the common distractions that hold most people back.

The surest way to have a successful, profitable book is to write a complete, authentic, and well-edited manuscript.

That's what we're all about. The world is a better place when we tell our stories, and nothing impacts a person, their family, and their community more than a published book others can read.

So if you're just getting started, or admittedly don't know where to start, come join us and get going.

The world needs your book.


Jeff Stover

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