What we're about

This meetup is designed for musicians who have songs, finished, or nearly finished, and want to be guided through the process of finishing their songs over the course of 4 meetups.

My name is Julian, and I produce records, write songs, and write and arrange music for film scores. I have a bachelors and masters degree from Berklee College of Music in the US and NYU, respectively, in film music, and music production. I've won awards, the world over, and have been coaching musicians throughout the years, to finish their songs, and get them produced, as a producer myself.

The aim of this meetup is to get you to finish those songs you're still trying to get done. it is a paid meetup, and the whole purpose is to look at what you have available to yourself, what kind of production you can get wrapped up, and how you can actually do it yourself, without hiring a hoard of people to help you. It is an educational ride that I invite you to join me on.

More Info.

In the workshop, we will be working to get your song ready for release, by the end of the course. Depending on how you get on, you will be able to do more songs, but priority is placed on finalizing at least 1 song.

We will be meeting Thursday 2nd of May, 16th of May, 6th of June, 13th of June at the Tranzac Club, between 7-10pm.

The class is limited to 10 people, so that we can all get through the material in good time. Private lessons will be available if you feel you need to supplement the workshop. Private lessons would be on location at your recording space, as I’d want to see your recording environment and help you make the best of YOUR space and equipment.

The course will not be this affordable again, so this is your chance to jump in at a very low price. The current cost of the course is $50 a session. In order to lock in your spot, you’ll have to commit to coming to all 4 sessions (no point starting, to then not finish). Payment of half ($100) the course is required in order to secure your spot, and the remaining $100 will be due when we start the course on the 2nd of May.

I can make myself available, before the course, to those of you that want to get a jump on the process. Or perhaps to those who would like to take private classes. Email me at cassofa@yahoo.com or here, to get started with that, and we’ll get to chatting.

A place in the workshop will be secured with a deposit via PayPal or Interac, to cassofa@yahoo.com . Contact me prior to making the deposit to have a quick chat about the whole thing. Once you've we see that you're a good fit, and the deposit has been made, I'll want you to send me your song, so I can start thinking on it prior to meeting up.

For those of you who want to listen to my discography of produced tracks, find it below.


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1st Date of the Workshop

Tranzac Club

This will be the 1st date of our 4 part workshop. Sign up now, check in with me via direct messaging to see if you'll be a good fit, if in doubt. I will require you guys to send me the song you're thinking of doing.

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