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Fintech Meetup@Budapest powered by OTP LAB
Fintech Meetup@Budapest powered by OTP LAB
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Look for the stairs between Hard Rock Cafe and Szamos Cukrászda. You will find a reception. Say that you came for OTP LAB's event, and take the elevator up to the 4th floor.

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The financial sector is no stranger to automation, as ATMs and online banking services have been around for a while. However, a new wave of automation is upon us urging financial service providers to embrace a new, robotic workforce.

The benefits of adopting solutions such as RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) in finance go way beyond cost reduction. They lead to improved control, faster processing speed, increased data quality, better customer service and happier team members freed up from mundane tasks for interesting and value-added work.

On 4th March, we will have the chance to experience the Robotic Touch in Finance, by meeting the experts of the topic. The keynote of Zoltán Szegedi (IFUA Horváth & Partners) will examine how the human touch and the robotic touch can co-exist in the sector and how their interplay will impact financial institutions. After getting nicely warmed-up, three experts will share three real-life implementation examples shedding light on their successes and challenges. Angelika Benkő-Redl and her expert colleagues are bringing you insightful details on the adoption of RPA at K&H Bank. Zoltán Szoleczki is going to share the first results of OTP LAB's recently launched RPA Competence Center, finally Olivér Krizsán is preparing with key learnings about HeroBot's and Takarékbank's collaboration on the use of forward-looking RPA techniques.

- 17:30-18:00 Registration
- 18:00-18:20 Keynote speech: ’Human touch vs. Robotic touch? How will automation impact financial institutions?’ by Zoltán Szegedi, IFUA Horváth & Partners
- 18:20-19:20 Automation case studies
1. K&H Bank – Angelika Benkő-Redl (Head of Customer & Process
2. OTP Bank – Zoltán Szoleczki (Leader of the RPA Competence
3. Takarékbank – Olivér Krizsán (CEO, HeroBot)
- 19:20-20:30 Networking


Zoltán Szegedi, IFUA Horváth & Partners

Since 2000 Zoltán Szegedi has worked for IFUA Horváth & Partners, and in 2013 he became partner of the consulting company. As a partner he is responsible for Financial Institutions and the Telecommunication sector. Since 2017 he is leading the Intelligent Automation team within IFUA, managing 15+ automation projects in various industries.

Angelika Benkő-Redl, Head of Customer & Process Excellence at K&H Bank

Angelika Benkő-Redl has worked for many years in management consulting for Accenture, then she worked as a business transformation manager and later as Quality Leader for Budapest Bank. Since 2015, she joined K&H Bank leading customer and process excellence team (including internal regulation). Since 2018 she also leads the competence center of RPA and other self-service digitalization tools (like SharePoint nintex workflow and o365).

Zoltán Szoleczki, Leader of the RPA Competence Center at OTP Bank

Zoltán Szoleczki worked for many years in management consulting and delivered large scale projects in the financial sector. From 2017 he joined OTP Bank’s innovation hub, OTP LAB. Since 2019 he leads the robotic process automation competence center.

Olivér Krizsán, CEO of HeroBot
Olivér has gained wide-ranging experience in project and process management in various sectors, after which he decided to found his company called HeroBot focused on RPA projects. He is dedicated to supporting his business partners in radically improving their way of work.