What we're about

The purpose of this group is:
* to support couples in their current relationship
* singles starting a new relationship
* couples ending a relationship that don't want to make the same mistakes with their
next partner
* anyone else that would like to join

You will learn a common language together so you can communicate in a way that builds bridges between your differences.

This group is for anyone that wants to make their relationship better no matter the difficulties. And, it will strengthen good relationships making them even better. You will learn how to overcome conditioned beliefs, let go of thinking and language that generates conflict, transform fears that block deep connection and accept responsibility for your feelings and actions. You will learn how to take shame, blame, criticism and judgment out of your communication.

There will be challenges, team work, experiential learning, role play, hot seat, laughter, aha moments and lots of take home skills that you can use successfully right away.
The intention is to make communication fun!