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The Sporting Game is a "FireFan" Meetup Group!

Are a sports fan? Football, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Cricket, you name it!
If you have a favorite team in any sport or just watch sports of any kind, get ready for a whole new revolutionary experience...we are playing a super fun new unique and interactive game WHILE we are watching our favorite teams live! Whether you're in the stadium or it's on TV… Alone or with friends... at home or the pub... it makes no difference because you can play in the games from anywhere... even while riding the bus or hanging out at the beach.

The Game is FireFan (https://www.firefan.com/?code=enfuego99) ...And It Is Hot! - - Join us here in this group and join the game now!

This is a whole new way to play! It’s Fun!,... It's Free! ... It's Competitive and Challenging! ... And... you can earn Really Cool Rewards! All kinds of things from gift cards to Vacations!

You can also win really cool prizes playing The Sporting Game's prize giveaway games. - So once you join the game make sure you join the The Sporting Game League inside FireFan to be eligible.

Join us Today! ...Socialize and Compete with other members as we will be setting up competitions every week.... Watch and play, in a whole new way!

Join The Game Here -Play2Win (https://www.firefan.com/?code=enfuego99) - Oh and by the way. You don't just have to play in our games. You can start your own games, you can play in anyone else's games, you can join in and play with famous sports super stars both past and present, you can play when you want, where you want, and with who ever you want, but trust me you will want to be playing with us too.

Don't forget, once you're "in The Game" of FireFan.... Look for, Join, and Play in "The Sporting Game League" for Fun, Excitement, and your chance at some really cool prizes!

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SUPER BOWL 52 Give Away Game

With Friends & Family

Cowboys @ Raiders

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Jaguars @ 49ers

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Bills @ Patriots

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