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If you live near the Firewheel Mall in North Garland, then there's finally a Fiction Writers' Workshop for you. We're working to improve our craft, so all skill levels are welcome. Formerly located at Firewheel Coffee across from the mall, we've since moved to the IHOP a short ways NW up the Turnpike.

* Meet and network with writers in your area. Writers tend to be solitary creatures, but we really do so much better with constructive feedback. This group gives you the opportunity to support and gain support from your friendly neighborhood fellow writers.

* Meetings every week -- 3 official meetings per month, where there's a set topic you can be prepared for or just come to do what's needed for you. Many members choose to come every single week, even when we're not scheduled, turning the fourth week impromptu.

Upcoming events (4+)

Have plotting questions? Bring 'em on.

Needs a location

Do you want to know where to bury the bodies? Or what poisons don't leave a trace? Or how to defuse a bomb?

Do you know where you want your characters to be but don't know how to get them there? Then our Fourth Thursday Meeting is for you.

By popular demand, we're adding another meeting day on the Fourth Thursday of each month so we can get together to discuss plotting and technical issues. So bring your questions -- whatever consternates you, whatever confuses you, whatever is holding you back -- and let us all help each other turn that blank page into compelling story-telling magic.

Firewheel Fictionistas

Needs a location

Bring your laptops, pen and paper, awl and leather - whatever you use to write.

Writer Workshop - If you want feedback, bring an excerpt of your WIP.

Needs a location

If you want feedback on your WIP, bring an excerpt. Otherwise, bring your expertise so you can provide feedback for your fellow Fictionistas.

Bring your laptops, pen and paper, awl and leather - whatever you use to write.

This is our monthly "Write-In" meeting where we all just sit around writing and helping each other through problems we encounter.

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